Me & my Iced Americano dilemma.

americano (10 of 3)

You see, I am not a coffee person though I think the baristas at Cafe Stellar (shameless plug) would beg to differ because every single time I would pay a visit I would get an Iced Americano (2 shots of espresso, please) sometimes with a pump of irish cream. Like a trying hard minimalist, I like my coffee black. I get a lot of grimace when people take a sip of what I order and a bunch of awestruck questions here and there but I like it just the way it is. Honestly, I like the bitterness of it but most importantly, I like how it doesn’t have too many calories for me to burn later. I like how it acts as a palette cleanser when I ate something that was too sweet or too salty. I like how it keeps me awake till 4am even if I don’t have anything to study for. I just like the acidity, the fruity aftertaste and the smell of coffee beans flowing through your nostrils like aaaah, more please! Milk and sugar definitely ruin the vibe but I don’t mind a shot of syrup depending on my mood. You see, I am not a big coffee enthusiast although I have friends who are with their coffee grinders and french presses. But just like my love for these people who also love adventures along with their love for coffee, I enjoy their company. And I enjoy the company of my iced americano anytime of the week whenever deemed necessary.

So yes, I will forever be in denial of my bond with coffee no matter how many coffee binges that I do because when I’m at home, I prefer tea over any other beverage but that’s for another story.


The truth about my board exam review.

I am not trying to brag about my brain cells or whatnot here but this is really what went down during my four month review for the 2018 August Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Licensure Exam. 

Credits to Goldrank Manila.

Review started the day after GRADUATION! Yes, our graduation was on a Sunday and since I was enrolled at Goldrank Cebu, we had to check ourselves in the next morning. I asked the review coordinator if we could be absent for that day since nine of us (only nine of us from Cebu Doctors’ University were enrolled at Goldrank) wanted a bit of a break before we could focus our minds on notes and readings again and luckily, they gave us a day pass (Thank you Miss Nancy! GOLDRANK CEBU HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Review was quite an experience, well, it was for me. I had a LOT of distractions. Out of all of the months that I would meet a guy, I would meet him during the START of my review– May 5 to be exact (Review started on April 23). And giiiiiiirl, I allowed myself to be distracted for the first two months and if it wasn’t hard enough, we were in a long distance relationship (He was in my hometown, I was in Cebu). He wasn’t a bad influence as much as I was a bad influence to myself. He was actually supportive and he was rooting for me all the way and I really tried my best to make it work BUT my anxieties crept in eventually and I was overthinking too much and everything became too much to handle and I just cracked during the first week of JULY (one month till the boards) and he/I–we– decided to break it off. I  was heartbroken, for a bit. A lot of crying and breakdowns were involved. So imagine juggling a lot of things while flipping through Giles and Sisig. I was also active on all of my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and I didn’t delete a single app on my phone. I would also be absent and skip some exams and lectures when I didn’t feel like it. I went home almost every month for at least three days to keep my sanity in check but on those days I would go out with this guy I was dating and I would drink with friends and we would all stay up so late like it was the summer of our lives. Oh, and I even got sick for a week, I had the chills and I was on antibiotics. It was madness.

After two months of slacking off and getting “dumped” in July, I  decided to focus all of my energy on trying to catch up on all of my missed lectures and exams.  I made all of the crying and the breakdowns as a motivation to work harder and to “strive for greatness”. I used to like studying alone but because I needed to distract myself from the voices inside my head I went on a lot of group study dates (Shoutout to Pol, Kate, JP, Ate Love). I did a lot of meditation too and I listened to a LOT of Worship songs and it all helped me. My favourite is definitely “Oceans” by Hillsong United, if you have not listened to it, go and open Spotify and listen to it right now. It will literally calm your soul and your mind!

I was honestly having second thoughts if I should still push through with my boards or proceed to Med school in August since the schedules do overlap each other. But I am so happy that I took the board exam because I got my license!!!!! I have some friends who immediately enrolled in med school and they passed the board exam, as well, but I decided to take the year off because I feel like I needed to breathe after everything that I have been through for the four months that I have spent reviewing. Giiiiirl, tingnan mo naman! So yes, that was the full tea.

In conclusion, I guess we all have to take it at our own pace. I was studying 200-400 questions in a day (that is not a lot) while some of my peers were reading 800-1000 questions, or even an entire review book. I made sure I had atleast 7 hours of sleep and I was still going out to dinner with friends and family. I tried my very best to not feel the pressure because when I get pressured, I WILL BREAKDOWN.

So to everyone who is going to take the boards, I wish you all the best! Don’t forget to pray pray pray.  Trust in the Lord and all of His plans. Don’t have a negative mindset. Eventually things will fall into place. Claim that four letter initial right now, PTRP! OTRP!

I can’t wait to see all of my friends’ and past co-interns’ names on the PRC website!

God bless my future colleagues.

With love,

Beyscapades PTRP

NEW YEAR, NEW ME (just kidding!)


2018 was definitely a year of growth. And I know I have been writing about in non-stop but it’s the new year so let’s start anew.

I don’t want to be that person who’s going to blabber on about the “New Year, New Me” bullshit because let’s face it, old habits die hard. I don’t really have resolutions as well because I still haven’t really organised the thoughts in my head yet. Give me a break, it’s only the fourth day of January.

But hey, I cut my hair last Wednesday and I trimmed off 10 inches. It honestly felt great. I had to cut out all of the bad days of 2018 away and no I didn’t do it because I am heartbroken (contrary to popular belief lol). It was really getting annoying having such length of hair. Shoutout to two of my lovely cousins who did the honors of cutting off my strands. (Hello Jeli and Stef)

Anyway, here’s a non-hubadera picture of me because I do think I have been posting too many beach pictures amidst the storms here and there. OH and yes, SUMMER is in 3 months and I can’t wait to go on adventures this year (hopefully plenty) before I enrol in medschool this August. Details to follow.

PS. It’s one month till the 2019 Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Licensure Exam and I’m just going to go ahead and say GOD BLESS to everyone who is going to take it and to all of my friends and past co-interns as well. You guys go get that PTRP/OTRP at the end of your name! I’m rooting for all of you.

With love,
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Here’s a reminder that wherever you may go, may it be a trekking adventure or a quick trip to the beach, always always always bring a reusable bottle with you so you don’t have to buy single-use bottled water from the store.

I got this one from Robinsons Department Store and it wasn’t as expensive too. There are brands that sell a 1L reusable bottle for over 2-3k and that is just whack (which I also will not buy because it’s too expensive). But this one is only for 1500php and it has the same specifications as the other ones (it keeps water cold for 24hrs and hot for 12hrs). I guess you could say this was a lucky find. So go get yourself a reusable water bottle today!

Hey it’s a win-win, you save money plus you save Mother Earth.



Oreos, Palm oil, Deforestation.

I have a secret to share.


Hey guys. I’ve been baking these days and if you guys don’t recognize the picture, yes, I have been baking for Stellar Hotel. I have been handling their social media as well but that part is not that interesting (lol).

As I posted this on instagram, I found out that Oreo (Cadbury, among others) is a product that supports unsustainable palm oil and hence is the reason for deforestation in certain countries. It’s probably not a big thing for you, but for a semi-environment-conscious person like me, it is an issue. Because of deforestation, orangutans have been robbed of their homes and are crying helplessly under the hands of these big companies like Unilever and the like. Go check out these links if you are curious,…/sobering-footage-shows-orang……/we-are-not-against-palm-oil…

I am saddened because I like Oreos (who doesn’t) and I like baking with them but I am starting to not support it because every time you buy a pack it’s like killing Mother Earth, as well. I am not writing this post as to force people to not buy the products that support unsustainable palm oil but this is to raise awareness of where our food comes from and its impact to our environment.

I don’t want to go and be THAT person because I believe that if people want to save the environment or if people want to make a change, it should be your personal willingness to do so. But hey, spread love, no hate, raise awareness.


On the spot.

With their drummer & road manager.

What started out as just three friends standing at the side, feeling the beat of the music and the roar of the drums, we didn’t know where the night will take us nor were our feet prepared to be standing for hours. We decided to head home at around 10pm when I blurted out, “Hey do you guys want to meet the main band, On the Spot?”

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Do people even like poetry?

I was never good at it and never dwelled on it up until I was in college.

My cousin died of cancer at the age of 20. He was a second year nursing student back then, and he used to write beautiful poetry. He wrote about his classes, his experiences, even his sickness. He wrote about leukemia and how it managed to consume his body as time passed on.

I went to the same school he was in, and i didn’t really expect that poetry would become my medium after writing prose in elementary and high school. But I guess, it stuck because it was something that reminded me of him. It was something that I could say we had in common. It was… Kuya’s thing.

I’ve written almost 50 poems in the past five years, about love, lost, longing, school and whatnot. I don’t really let a lot of people read it because some are too personal. But isn’t it what writing is all about? Conveying an emotion, telling a story, exposing your roots?

📸 MarkE

I have Social Anxiety.

Last night, my social anxiety got the best of me. I was getting a headache, I was having a hard time breathing and my head was just whirring with thoughts and emotions. I didn’t know why. I don’t know the exact reason why I was feeling this way. I was overthinking again, a pool of what ifs just came into my brain and knocked me out of my insanity. I lost it.

The first thing I did? I deactivated facebook and messenger and deleted all of my apps, wanting to shut out from the world. I was so afraid of being judged, of being rejected, I needed to breathe. I wanted to be invisible.

At 8pm, I went up my bedroom and lay down on my bed, hugging a pillow for support, texting my friend if he was busy. I called him up and he was on his way to work as the tears began to spill down my eyes and I couldn’t fight the pain that I was feeling. It was a mix of everything that has been happening, of everything that has been said and done. I was hurt, I was ashamed, I was embarrassed, I felt lonely and alone. I wanted to shout but I couldn’t let it out. I cried until my body and my mind surrendered and I fell asleep.

I woke up still having that cloud over me. My head hurts, I slept for 12 hours straight but I still felt so tired. Tired of walking this life? Tired of thinking? or just, tired? I need help.


I’m back.

Siargao 2018

Hey guys!

I am officially back to my first love, writing. I was in a hiatus for so long because I have been busy with my review for my board exams that I didn’t really have the time to write nor to update you guys about my whereabouts. A lot of things happened, a lot of places were already visited and here I am again, sitting down, waiting on my cup of tea to seep and writing this one for you all.

  1. I PASSED THE BOARD EXAM. I finally have those four letters (PTRP) at the end of my name. It was quite an experience since I went through a lot, heartbreaks and whatnot. But no fear, I am licensed and I have given justice to my five years of schooling at Cebu Doctors’ University.
  2. I AM ON A GAP YEAR. Yes, I have decided that I will not be proceeding to medschool this year. I really wanted some time for myself and for my hobbies. I feel like I was trapped in PT school for so long that all of my creative juices have dried up. I want to write again and I want to travel. It was rather an argument with my family but in the end, they knew they couldn’t force me to proceed right away.
  3. I HAVE BEEN EXPLORING. Kinda-ish. My tan is definitely not the best since I really have uneven lines here and there (because I don’t really wear bikinis). Idk how I’m going to try and fix my tan. I really am not that confident to strut in a two-piece just yet. I need to work out more. Lol
  4. I HAVE BEEN VLOGGING. I’m actually giving it a shot and I hope that I don’t get lazy to edit in the future. So far, it’s been good. I think people are liking it. We’ll see what happens!

Probably sums up everything that has been happening so far. If you want to check out my vlogs, I am on Youtube and for more updates about me and whatever it is that I have been up to, go and check out my Facebook page here.





Life update.

I can’t even remember the last time that I posted something in here. But I am alive and kicking, I can tell you that. I have just been so busy with review that I never really had the time to update my blog. So here is a quick update about my whereabouts and whatnot:


  1. I finally graduated! Your girl just earned her degree in Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Hence, I am currently reviewing for the August board exams at Gold Rank Review Centre here in Cebu. There’s been a wave of exams but it isn’t all bad. The lecturers are good at their job and I applaud how well they discuss each topic without having a guide in hand.
  2. I didn’t really have a summer break nor did I travel to anywhere interesting. I did, however, go home for a few days to chill. Disclaimer: All I really did was drink and sleep late but I have no regrets on that.
  3. I did transfer to a new apartment! I bid our two-bedroom apartment (I used to share it with my brother) goodbye along with all of the great memories. I’m honestly gonna miss inviting people over to drink.
  4. I’m gonna be on HIATUS. Yes, I can’t juggle writing articles/blog posts and studying for the boards. My top priority right now is to get that four letter word (PTRP) at the end of my name and I want to achieve that with flying colours! So wish me luck guys and hopefully in August, I’ll be a licensed Physical Therapist.
  5. I guess there isn’t that much to update about my life. Should “I met a guy” be an update too? Hahaha but yeah, your girl is just happy right now. The best is yet to come! And I will be writing again once shit is over and I am free to roam the streets of London soon!

With love always,