Kalanggaman Island, Palompon



Kalanggaman Island
Palompon Leyte, PH

As expected, a lot of people have been asking me questions about this beautiful island nestled in Leyte and instead of repeating myself over and over again, I have decided to just post the answers to your queries here. (Well, I already planned to write about my trip beforehand but nevertheless, here it is) For more questions, you can always ask me here on tumblr or on Facebook or call the Palompon Leyte EcoTourism Office.

Where is Kalanggaman Island located?

It is located at Palompon Leyte in the Philippines. It’s a one hour boat ride from the city proper. The island does not have free-flowing electricity (It’s SOLAR-powered, very eco friendly) and by that I mean that their electricity is solely for their little store in the middle of the island and the lights on bulbs at night. I recommend you guys bring a flashlight (which we forgot to bring), a battery pack, a powerbank or any source of portable electricity that don’t need charging like potable speakers etc.

How to get to PALOMPON?

I personally know only limited routes so please bear with me. But first if you’re coming from my hometown BORONGAN, here is the route that we took.


We had a car so we started our drive at around 2am and we arrived in Tacloban at around 6am because we still made stops here and there and there was quite an early morning traffic. We then drove the route to Ormoc and at this intersection you turn at this intersection that says PALOMPON in a green signage. It’s 34 kilometers more. *sighs*

You have an option to take the Matag-ob route or the Villaba route.

Take VILLABA if you guys are running on 80-100 kph (yes, it’s a free road there’s barely any car you encounter), it’s a faster route because the road is straight. This is the road that we took on our way back.

If you’re not that fast of a driver and wants a shorter route, take MATAG-OB. It has a speed limit of 20kph though because it has a lot twists and turns. But despite that, the locals say that it’s the “shortcut” to Palompon.


Go on a one-hour (MNL) or 30-min (CEBU) plane ride to Tacloban City. There are vans for hire and taxis outside so if can shell out a few hundreds, you can take one of these although I don’t recommend it because sometimes they overcharge you.

I, personally, when I’m traveling alone, I take the airport jeep which only costs me 50 pesos to Downtown Tacloban (which is where you want to be anyway). Tell the manong driver that you want to be dropped off at a bus/van terminal that offers rides to Palompon. I don’t know if they had already updated their trips since Palompon had been getting a lot of visitors.

I read from TripAdvisor that the big van companies like Duptours and VanVan don’t offer rides to Palompon. I quote, “Palompon, Leyte bus and vans from Tacloban leave from the new bus terminal (Abucay) which is on the way to San Juanico Bridge.”

Note: Tacloban is a three hour ride to Palompon. If you guys are in a group, like 10-15, I recommend you all just rent a van and call it a day.


You have a lot of options when you are coming from Cebu. You lucky Cebuanos, this island is accessible for you.

We rode the ferry to Ormoc at 10pm aboard Roble Shipping Lines. We decided to stay in the Economy class which only cost us 400Php. It’s a six hour boat ride but no biggie, you sleep it out.

There are other options like Oceanjet, 2Go which are fastcrafts that costs you 600-800Php which is expensive but takes you there half the time. You can go check their schedules online.

Furthermore, there’s a route straight to Palompon Leyte. Yeyyyyy! But, here’s the catch, the port terminals are at Camotes Island and Bogo. So yepp, it’s quite far from the bustling city. They do offer trips straight from Cebu City to Palompon but only on specific days.

How to get to KALANGGAMAN?

Very important note is you have to call the EcoTourism Office like pronto. You do not want to go there on a walk-in and have them tell you that they’re already “Fully-Booked”. Make sure you call a few days before and not the day before just to be extra sure that it’s not fully booked.

I called on a Thursday and was supposed to reserve a boat for Sunday and the guy on the phone told me that they were already fully booked on that day three weeks ago. *cringe* Good thing, there were still slots for Tuesday and we took that one instead. You couldn’t even get a slot on Wednesday and for the rest of the Holy Week because they were already fully booked. See the urgency of booking yet?! Yeeeees.

Palompon EcoTourism Office
(0917) 303 7269

They charge your per boat and not per head so you need to rent out a pumpboat. Group of 4? I feel you! Three thousand is a lot to divide by just four people. Luckily, you have an option to share with other groups depending on when you plan to return and all that. You have to talk to them personally about it. We ended up sharing with a Father-Mother-Son Trio which were really nice people and we ended up paying half the price. Weee!

Their pumpboat rates are as follow:

P3,000 – for 15 people and below
P3,500 – for 25 people and below
P4,000 – for 30 people and below

You also have to pay an entrance fee depending on which category you fit into. Me and my friends (Non-Palompon College Tourists) paid 60Php each because we decided to stay overnight.

Here are the rates:

Regular Rate (Day Tour)

International Tourists – P500
Non-Palompon Tourists – P150
Non-Palompon College Tourists – P40
Non-Palompon High-school Tourists – P30
Non-Palompon Elementary Pupil – P20
Non-Palomponganon Senior Citizen – P120


Overnight Rates

International Tourists – P750
Non-Palompon Tourists – P225
Non-Palompon College Tourists – P60
Non-Palompon High-school Tourists – P45
Non-Palompon Elementary Pupil – P30
Non-Palomponganon Senior Citizen – P180



After that, you’re all set you just have to bring a water jug, a flashlight and everything that you need to bring on a camping trip like a tent. Bring your heart and your soul and your beachbody with you because this is one hot and sizzlin’ island (no pun intended).

If you need more sources to plan your next Beachventure, I recommend you click on this link http://faq.ph/how-to-go-to-kalanggaman-island-palompon-leyte/

This blog post was really useful when I was planning our Kalanggaman Trip myself. Give the site some love and go visit it as well.

What are you waiting for? Go get packing!


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