Neverland Manila 2016.

Hold up! Was it really an amazing night or was it one of those shitty rave concerts that you go to? Well, a little bit of both. Nothing bad about the DJs though, the shitty part was more on the organizers and the putang*nang RIFD. And in addition to that there were looooong lines that took hours and they weren’t selling bottled water on the food stalls like dafaq, what happened Neverland Manila? I actually expected a lot from them since I have been hearing good reviews about their past events but damn this year was just wacko.

And because of that, here are 10 things that you missed out at the NxR2016 held at the McKinley West Festival Grounds, Taguig City.

1. There were a lot of underage teens. I was saying “Fetus” almost every minute. Pink bands are wrapped around the wrist when you’re below 18 years old and yes, you don’t get a free drink which was a Bacardi Breezer in a flavor of your choice (Yey!)

2. The line to get in was long. Okay, so maybe when we went there, the line was not at all long but I think at around 10pm, the entrance was uber crowded with people. Well, the venue was uber crowded, period.

3. The lines took forever! We were lining up to buy NxR merchandise and it took us two and a half hours. No kidding.

4. Aaaand they didn’t have designated signage for the lines and whatnot. We were in line for two and a half hours only to find out that it was for the SVIP. Yepp, what a waste of time and energy.

5. Their RIFD is basically a scam. So the Neverland team stupidly decided to go on a “no cash” basis when paying for certain things like food and drinks at the festival. We loaded a thousand pesos on my card and we used only 80 pesos before the system went down. Aaargh! Frustrating, I tell you. We bought food at this stall called “Size Matters” and they asked us for cash because their system is not working. Dafuck. They should really give us a refund! We demand a refund.

6. There were a lot of teens who were drugged. I could really sense the whole drug vibe (Okay, I tried it before) but I mean, they were all over the place and it was annoying. Especially this group who looked just a year or two younger than me who were dancing and partying like crazy. Some of them were just too PDA and it was uncomfortable standing next to them. Eek

7. They promised us paint and all we got was water that had the consistency of sperm (not that I had already felt the consistency of sperm but if I had, it’d probably be it). Good thing it had no odor or else I would have cringed. What happened to 12k liters of paint? No, nothing. We were just drenched in sweat and water for the most part.

8. I expected a dope fireworks display. Okay, they didn’t promise us this one but I have attended like 3 parties by Spectrum (An event organizer from Cebu) and they have killer fireworks display during acts. Try attending Lifedance during Sinulog and you’ll see Local DJs get it on with some cool sparkle when the beat drops. Neverland only had fireworks for the International ones. What a shame.

9. Kura is one fine and hot DJ. Okay, enough about trashtalking the festival and let’s get to the main reason why I bought my ticket. Kura is sooooooo hot and his beats were just sick. I was actually admiring his biceps and his chest for most of his one hour run. Those pecs! I kennat

10. Galantis was the bomb! We waited a loooong time for Galantis to go on. They finally DJed at around 2am and ended around 3:30 which was just worth it because all of their beats were the best! And they played You&I last which was the most amazing experience! Everyone was singing and raveing and jumping up and down and all. Yeyyyy! Love it.

So those are the ten things that you missed out! You didn’t really miss out on anything except the uh-mazing DJs. Staff and organizers were just the worst. I expected so much but I guess, there’s a vast expanse of disappointment for the event organizers and whatnots. Oh well, still went home smiling.

Rave-view? DJs definitely a 10. Organization? I think 1/10 justifies it. Haha


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