Mont St. Michel, France

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Why this castle is basically HOGWARTS.

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to actually get a hogwarts letter and find out that you’re not actually a muggle but instead a fckn cool ass wizard who’ll eventually fall in love with a red head and have the one who killed Voldemort as your bestfriend? Yes! Hermione reference, in case you didn’t get that. As we ventured into this amazing sight just two hours from Paris, I couldn’t help but squeal in my head because it looks so much like the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I actually felt like it was my first day of magic school! </p>

So, here are nine tips to guide you through this one of a kind castle in France:
1. Bus to Mont St. Michael. We docked at Cherbroug, France via MS KONINGSDAM. We travelled approximately three hours together with the rest of the Holland America Line guests (which were mostly old people btw). This was the only tour that we booked on board and this was priced at $165 per person. It is quite expensive but I think the experience plus the bus plus the tourguide was worth the money.

2. Shuttle to the castle. Our bus dropped us off not directly at Mont St. Michel but what seemed like a kilometer away. A long bridge sits between the mainland and the castle itselft. There’s a shuttle service that will transport guests to and from that is free of charge. Although, the entrance ticket costs 17 Euros so I guess it comes with the fee.

3. Stroll to the gates. Apparently, they still don’t drop you off at the entrance gate so people are advised to walk. It’s a short distance plus you get to have a full picture of the site from top to bottom.

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Just one of the big arches inside the castle.

4. Brick by boring brick. Walking Tour! Yes, the only means of transportation inside is to walk with your two feet. Ramps and stairs are present but in different entrances. Since we were a big group and the main entrance (with the stairs) was quite busy with tourists, our guide opted for the ramps instead.

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Bricks piled upon each other dating more than a hundred years ago.

5. Red and Yellow. The tapestries were in this color! Ring a bell? Definitely screams Gryffindor! Aaand have you seen the coat of arms? It’s basically a replica!

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The castles coat of arms at the main entrance. 

6. Diagon Alley. If it were a bit dimmer, this street would look so much like the one in Harry Potter. I would want to buy a Nimbus 2000 on one of the gift shops please.

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The main road to the castle bustling with tourists.

7. Dining Hall inside the castle. If it were a bit bigger and could fit four houses, then it would have been the perfect fit for Harry Potter. Sometimes I wonder if maybe J.K. rowling visited this castle and was like… “This should be my inspiration for Hogwarts”

8. Crepes. When in France, one must never leave without having a serving of crepes. At the “Diagon Alley” (Yes, I’m calling it that), we bought pasalubong at one of the stalls and stopped by a creperie. There are a lot of creperies in Mont St. Michel so no need to fuss. I had a basic Caramel Crepe that was light and fluffy and had the right sweetness to it. Delish!

9. Buy a Snow Globe. I bought a snowglobe that had the castle perched on the middle. I also bought a bunch of postcards for myself and for my friends. The castle is just so picturesque that my mom also bought a painting so that she could hang it in her office.

10. GOT theme song on repeat. I know I said it’s basically like HOGWARTS but you must admit it’s kinda like King’s Landing too from the brick walls to the high towers. I bet even saw Tyrion Lannister. Lol. The whole time we were roaming around, the infamous themesong kept on playing in my head. Hogwarts plus Game of Thrones? Probably going to be a blockbuster!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset



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