Calories Day In and Day Out

It has been raining since Wednesday and all of our plans to go out and wander Negros Oriental have been cancelled. A typhoon, Typhoon Pablo, is in our midst and Dumaguete is in a state of calamity with some roads broken and flooded with water that overflowed from the river.

We’ve been staying in, doing nothing but drink and eat. Visited new restos and cafes in the past couple of days from Chantilly to Qyosko to Pearl Meat shop here in Dumaguete. There are indeed a lot of comfort food here that my wallet is basically begging to take a rest. Despite my figure getting more rounder each day, I really can’t exchange the bond that my co-interns and I have and made over food. One more week before we go back to the home base- Cebu! I do miss our little apartment, but I also dread going back because of the exams that I missed that I will be taking.

A cafe that really hit all the right taste buds would be Alima Cafe. It sits near Silliman University Medical Center. It’s cozy and their pies feel like a warm hug perfect for the chilly weather. I was hangover yesterday from the night before that and I decided to hang out at Alima to do our research and our initial evaluation. I got their omelette with mushrooms, spinach and cheese with a serving of their house blend coffee. After that, I ordered the best tasting apple pie that I have ever tasted! Def drool-worthy and a 10/10 if you’d ask me. Their pecan pie is also a delight, perfect for tea or some bitter coffee.

Plus, they have vegan options too! The first time I was here I had their quinoa burger and it was delightful! I’ve never eaten something that made me want to go vegan in a second. Will def order it some time again! This cafe has really been my favorite spot to chill with fast internet and all the best music.
With love,

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