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I have a lot on my plate and a lot on my mind. I have been thinking about what’s too come too much that I may or may not be enjoying the present. I know it’s good to think about the future, but what about now? What about tomorrow, this day, this hour, this minute? I feel like I am wasting my time too much thinking and wondering and daydreaming. Is it the lack of patients in the rehab? The boredom and the slow pace of the clock just makes your brain wire into thoughts. We haven’t had patients for the past few days. The month is almost over and we still have reports to make and treatments still to fill in. I am lacking 7 treatments and I need patients ASAP. Although yes I like being idle but I also like to be up on my feet. You can only stay in one place for too long that it just wears you out. You feel dull, you feel tired without a reason and you think more and more until you’ve basically imagined every situation or event that is bound to happen. This is me, being idle and I am writing this on my laptop and hoping for lunch to strike so we can eat.

On a side note, It’s the last month next month and yes, I am excited for all of this to end but also, I’m going to miss all of it; treating patients, not treating them, measuring range of motions, testing the muscle power etc! I know this is gibberish to people who are not in the field of physical therapy or not in the medical field, in general, but this is our struggle, this is our day to day life. This has become our routine and we just got to love it even if it makes us feel all sorts of feelings.

On another side note, I wrote this in the morning and here I am writing this after duty. So much for being idle, I had two patients for the afternoon though I am not complaining. I liked the hype and hopefully I’ll get to finish a report soon.


With Love,



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