I am not proceeding to med school right away.


I think I have written a post about this before but I can’t seem to find it. Or, I deleted it for some reason. But yes, here it is again, the topic is out in the open and I have a lot of reasons as to why I am not proceeding to med school right away.

Being in the field of rehabilitation medicine, or more specifically Physical Therapy, is not easy as memorizing muscles and their movements. It’s basically five years of reminding yourself to stay sane despite that little voice in your head that’s already raising the white flag. People’s perception about physical therapists and what we do is always and I mean ALWAYS going to be about massaging sore muscles until the pain goes away. And I loathe those people who believe that stereotype because we don’t learn Kinesiology just to be called masseur (no hate for masseurs, I love getting massages). Kinesiology is the study of muscles and their bodily movement. It’s Physics, Anatomy and PT Assessment in one. Honestly, I think nobody knows how it is to study to become a physical therapist unless you are studying to be a physical therapist. Ugh.


So okay, back to my medschool point, being in this field is so close to being a doctor. Though we do not diagnose diseases, we assess and we evaluate and we treat. One doctor from a hospital that I interned in even said that med school students shouldn’t underestimate physical therapists just because it is an undergraduate degree because we can be better at assessing patients. It’s not all hotpacks and ultrasound and laser therapies, it’s being able to see your patient progress from not being able to get up to seeing them walk the streets of victory. And this is why I love it and would want to take a rest…


You weren’t expecting that did you? Yes, I need a break. I need a year off or two years off before I proceed from something difficult to something more difficult; from one rollercoaster ride of a program to another leap of faith of a graduate degree. And yes, I want to be a doctor, it has always been a dream of mine. Everytime I see doctors at hospitals that I intern in, I always tell myself someday that’ll be me wearing that white coat and that’ll be me doing check-ups and rounds. But maybe I’m not ready yet. I need time to think and rethink and do my non-medically related hobbies before I commit to more than 8 years of medschool. I want to start a business, master how to surf, learn how to ride a bike and a lot more things that I want to achieve that I wasn’t able to because of my hectic schedules. I want to own my time and be able to manage it on my own terms and on my own rules. I want to bask in the freedom before I go and start another chapter in my life.


Some people will tell me that I am just going to waste my time or I am going to lose momentum if I don’t proceed right away but maybe if I do proceed right away, it’s all going to be a waste of time and I am going to lose momentum because I got thrown at something I am not ready to do. When I enroll in med school I want to make sure that I am ready to give it my 110%; that I have enjoyed some parts of my youth flying above all angst. I want to make sure I am fully committed and right now, I just can’t.


Love always.



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