FullSizeRender 10.jpgI was actually in a hurry this morning since I was going to attend a service with my friend at 9 and I didn’t want him to wait for me. But anyway.

I woke up at 7, immediately grabbed my pot and started dumping things into it.  I got some steel cut oats and some soy milk. I didn’t even measure but it felt like a cup each. I mashed one ripe banana and added it to the mixture over low to medium heat. I own an electric stove and I just clicked on the button that says “porridge”. I transferred it to a bowl, got another banana and sliced ’em thinly so that I can decorate my bowl. I still had a bar of Valor Dark Chocolate and cut one square into triangles. Plus, I added a dollop of peanut butter for some nutty goodness. This one was filling! I should make stove-top oats more often. I usually go for overnight oats because they are easier to make and easier to clean since you’ll probably only use one container for it. With stove top, you get a pot, a spoon or spatula and a bowl to clean. So see? It takes a lot of effort and I am one lazy person.

For Sunday, I guess I am feeling a bit better than I did for the past week. I am a Roman Catholic but today, I decided to attend a Christian service at Banawa— “Living Word”. You’ve probably heard of it. I did attend a Christian mass before at Marriott but I think I liked this better. I don’t know, there’s just something to it.

Being there felt like a warm hug from a long lost friend. I especially loved the rhythm of the drums, every beat vibrating through your core waking you up telling you that God is with you. It’s amazing how people can build a connection with God without memorising a prayer or a flow. Every moment of it was unique and genuine. The pastor’s words were well thought-of and it made sense in so many ways that sometimes priests in my religion cannot even describe nor explain.

I loved how one verse can convey so much and mean so much. Why stop at the superficial when you can elaborate and compare it to situations that are actually happening in our lives? Today he read five verses from James and it just wowed me how I can learn so much by just listening to what one’s abstract thinking can translate. And I guess that was one thing that I really did appreciate attending that service.

On a side note, no hate for catholicism because I still am a Roman Catholic but it has been a thought on my mind lately; how in my religion, attending a mass is like watching one of your favourite movies and you already know the beginning and the end. Everything is just so rehearsed. It lacks originality. The only thing that changes is the gospel which barely takes 20 minutes. Today, I’ve realised that an hour isn’t enough to fully absorb God’s words. It takes time and it NEEDS time and for 20 minutes? I don’t think the thoughts have even registered.

Love always,



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