Here, there and everywhere.

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Amsterdam 2016.

Hi guys! How is everyone been doing? I don’t know exactly know how I have been but I guess, I’m feeling okay. I’ve just been sleeping most mornings and going places at night. So, life update?

  1. We had our oral defence last night at 6pm and it was embarrassing and cringe-worthy. The panel basically whooped our dumbfounded asses because there were too many corrections and our paper was just bad. Well, to our defense, we were cramming a lot of things in our paper. So instead of being sad about it, we all just laughed and smiled our way through a lot of revisions which we will be doing later this afternoon.
  2. Most of my extended family is here! I’m pretty close with all of my titas and titos and cousins and last night, they were mostly here!! I felt so happy. We ended up having really late dinner at Casa Verde, IT Park at around 11pm. I slept over at my Tita’s too ’cause she’s leaving back for London tonight. She basically raised me when my parents were still in Med school (yes, my parents were still in school when I was created and born)
  3. I did a poll on instagram if I should write about my internship misadventures and whatnot and oddly, one of my flings from Dumaguete voted NO. He slid into the DMs and replied with a “HAHAHA” and I replied with a question, ‘”Are you scared?” He then quipped that it’s okay if I decided to write about him lol so we’ll see where that goes!
  4. Plus btw, I don’t know why he’s texting me again it’s weird. I just try my best to be friendly and uninterested. Am I making sense?
  5. One of my closest guy friends who is in Germany right now messaged me that he was drinking alone and that he missed me. Awwww! Shoutout to Michael Kessler! See you soon German buddy. Can’t wait till you get your half Filipino ass home.
  6. Plus, I am planning a collaboration with someone! Shoutout to Kalyka Carcel. She is an aspiring vlogger on Youtube. For now, she does instavlogs but soon she’ll be posting lengthy videos on YT. Stay tuned for that too.

So I guess that’s it. Thought I should just write something because it’s been a while… AGAIN. I know, I’m sorry. I’m taking the NMAT on March 25 too. Wish me luck!


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