International Day of Happiness!

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May 2016. Rome, Italy. Copyright.

I am always writing about sappy and sad emotions and whatnot. But since today is International Day of Happiness, I decided why not write about the things that make me happy. Note: I wrote this down while I was visiting this hospital that I intern at last May-June while waiting for one of my closest staff. This list is not everything of course.

Just Some Of The Little Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Tagging/mentioning me in posts on Facebook and Instagram.
2. Finally getting a great photo after multiple shots.
3. No more duty! (yaaaas finally!)
4. When my crush views my instatory.
5. Sundates. *wink wink
6. Saturday drinking nights with people that I love to be with.
7. When he texts first. *appreciated*
8. Watching Youtube videos.
9. Talking to my loved ones from different parts of the world.
10. Drinking at least 3 cups of tea per day! (not less than please)
11. Writing good poetry.
12. Publishing a blog post.
13. Finding the right pair of socks!
14. Pinning my nameplate on top of the embroidered CDU PT-INTERN on my scrubs.
15. Having time for myself; to think, to write, to be me.

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