Life update.

I can’t even remember the last time that I posted something in here. But I am alive and kicking, I can tell you that. I have just been so busy with review that I never really had the time to update my blog. So here is a quick update about my whereabouts and whatnot:


  1. I finally graduated! Your girl just earned her degree in Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Hence, I am currently reviewing for the August board exams at Gold Rank Review Centre here in Cebu. There’s been a wave of exams but it isn’t all bad. The lecturers are good at their job and I applaud how well they discuss each topic without having a guide in hand.
  2. I didn’t really have a summer break nor did I travel to anywhere interesting. I did, however, go home for a few days to chill. Disclaimer: All I really did was drink and sleep late but I have no regrets on that.
  3. I did transfer to a new apartment! I bid our two-bedroom apartment (I used to share it with my brother) goodbye along with all of the great memories. I’m honestly gonna miss inviting people over to drink.
  4. I’m gonna be on HIATUS. Yes, I can’t juggle writing articles/blog posts and studying for the boards. My top priority right now is to get that four letter word (PTRP) at the end of my name and I want to achieve that with flying colours! So wish me luck guys and hopefully in August, I’ll be a licensed Physical Therapist.
  5. I guess there isn’t that much to update about my life. Should “I met a guy” be an update too? Hahaha but yeah, your girl is just happy right now. The best is yet to come! And I will be writing again once shit is over and I am free to roam the streets of London soon!

With love always,


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