I’m back.

Siargao 2018

Hey guys!

I am officially back to my first love, writing. I was in a hiatus for so long because I have been busy with my review for my board exams that I didn’t really have the time to write nor to update you guys about my whereabouts. A lot of things happened, a lot of places were already visited and here I am again, sitting down, waiting on my cup of tea to seep and writing this one for you all.

  1. I PASSED THE BOARD EXAM. I finally have those four letters (PTRP) at the end of my name. It was quite an experience since I went through a lot, heartbreaks and whatnot. But no fear, I am licensed and I have given justice to my five years of schooling at Cebu Doctors’ University.
  2. I AM ON A GAP YEAR. Yes, I have decided that I will not be proceeding to medschool this year. I really wanted some time for myself and for my hobbies. I feel like I was trapped in PT school for so long that all of my creative juices have dried up. I want to write again and I want to travel. It was rather an argument with my family but in the end, they knew they couldn’t force me to proceed right away.
  3. I HAVE BEEN EXPLORING. Kinda-ish. My tan is definitely not the best since I really have uneven lines here and there (because I don’t really wear bikinis). Idk how I’m going to try and fix my tan. I really am not that confident to strut in a two-piece just yet. I need to work out more. Lol
  4. I HAVE BEEN VLOGGING. I’m actually giving it a shot and I hope that I don’t get lazy to edit in the future. So far, it’s been good. I think people are liking it. We’ll see what happens!

Probably sums up everything that has been happening so far. If you want to check out my vlogs, I am on Youtube and for more updates about me and whatever it is that I have been up to, go and check out my Facebook page here.





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