On the spot.

With their drummer & road manager.

What started out as just three friends standing at the side, feeling the beat of the music and the roar of the drums, we didn’t know where the night will take us nor were our feet prepared to be standing for hours. We decided to head home at around 10pm when I blurted out, “Hey do you guys want to meet the main band, On the Spot?”

My friend, who was 50km away at that time, messaged me prior to entertain his friends who were going to play at the capitol’s event. I wasn’t that eager to go since I was a bit shy and I didn’t want to bother anyone. But when I told the two ladies who were with me, they quipped “why not” and we went with it, without a solid plan whatsoever.

We went to where they were staying at, this local hotel by the boulevard, and we went straight to the front desk. I mentioned my friend’s name, the one who messaged me, and the band’s name. And somehow, everything just fell to its order. The band started to come out of their hotel room and the drummer greeted us warmly. The next thing we knew, I was driving back to the capitol, tagging along with the band backstage. They handed us beers and talked to us, asked about the wonderful places to visit in my province, and went on about our mutual love for music while the band before them played in the background.

They didn’t play until around 12 midnight, I think. It was rude not to see them play after hanging out with them for 2 hours.

So we did, and their band was amazing. They played each song with passion while the crowd tried to sing along here and there, banging their heads to the rhythm, swaying with each strum. The lights, green, blue, purple were moving up, down, in circles making the scene look like a painting. They were all beautiful.

The night was fun, indeed. And I would love to hang out with them again, listen to their music.

Thank you to On The Spot for being so accommodating. Till the next gig!


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