What and where I ate in Siargao.

I spent seven incredible days in Siargao just this month of September and as a foodie, I know I can never leave Siargao without going to restos/cafés and munching down on whatever it is that the establishment has to offer.

Heads up, if you are going to Siargao, the price of the food is quite pricey. A lot of places offer food that starts at around PHP 200 to as much as PHP 500-PHP 1000 depending on what you are ordering. My tip is to book a hostel/homestay with a kitchen so in that way you can cook your own meals and not spend PHP 200 every time you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner and just decide on which days you want to splurge and eat out. In our case, out of the seven days, we probably splurged on one meal per day and the rest of the meals we had at the homestay where we were staying at.

Note: Some of the things I’m gonna list below, I don’t have a flatly to show just because we went there at night and the lighting is not that great so I might just insert their link or their Instagram.


  1. Sushi Nori – Sushi Nori on Instagram

After surfing for a few hours, we actually wanted to get burgers at Reefcut but apparently, they are CLOSED on MONDAYS. Take note. So we went around and saw the bubbly sign on top of a green blue accent, SUSHI NORI.

Price range: PHP 100 – PHP 400

I got the Ay Caramba! rolls and it was delish. I would definitely order those rolls again. I have been craving spicy food the whole time I was in Siargao and this one satisfied my palette. It wasn’t really spicy but I was putting a ton of wasabi in every bite and it just felt perfect.

They serve sushi tacos, rolls and poke bowls too. I had some of my friends’ food and everything was delicious and worth its price, for sure. The seafood was good, the salad was refreshing and the ambiance was cool and quaint.

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Ay Caramba Rolls +.

2. Greenhouse – Greenhouse Cafe

I almost got hit by a tricycle here, honestly. Storytime! My friend and I was on the other lane, I didn’t want him to take the extra effort to do a u-turn so I hopped off the motorcycle and started to cross the road. I swear I was looking at where I was going. I already crossed the first lane and as I was about to cross to the second lane, a tricycle blared its horn at me and before I knew it, I got hit on the arm before it swerved to the other lane. I almost fell down on the road but I don’t even know how I managed to keep my balance. A lot of people saw the commotion and even the owner of the café rushed to see if I was okay and even offered water for me to drink. He kept on asking me if I was fine and thankfully, I was. The Lord is at my side, truly.

Price range: PHP 100 – PHP 300

Such a long intro but the food here is amazing! They have quite the uniform price range so food is most likely to be around PHP 250 and the beverage starts at PHP 100. We didn’t order any drinks but they offer fresh fruit juices, smoothies and coffee.

I got the Eggs Benedict and it was rather filling! That sauce was really yummy and I just wanted to douse my bread in it. Definitely worth a try if you guys are planning to visit Siargao. They also serve granola and yogurt bowls for those of you who are vegetarians and there is also a rice pudding blend for vegans. Initially, I wanted to order those but they weren’t available at that time.

Disclaimer: I am pescatarian so I eat fish, eggs and whatnot. Though I am trying my best to try and eliminate seafood in my diet, I just haven’t come to that point yet.

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Egg’s Ben +.

3. Shaka Café  – Shaka on Instagram

In 2017, I also visited Siargao and I ate here. I got their Boom Dia bowls and it was the first time that I fell in love with smoothie bowls. So I tried recreating them at home and hence my instagram was full of it for while.

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Boom Dia bowls. (2017 at the old Shaka location)

Price Range: PHP 100 – PHP 250

I just stayed here to chill while waiting for my friends to finish surfing so I got a lemonade for PHP 180. It was refreshing, perfect on a sunny day. Plus, I like how they use a reusable straw! My friends ordered a smoothie bowl and I think those are the ones that are the most expensive on the menu for PHP 250.

They serve smoothie bowls, juices, smoothies, tea and coffee.

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John Lemon.

4. Cafe Honest – Café Honest

It’s a humble hut situated next to La Carinderia. It used to be called “Wheelys Café” before they changed the name to Café Honest. It is actually a vegan resto and to those of you who don’t know how much I love and appreciate vegan food, well, now you know. My friend Jessa, despite not being vegan as well, is a fan of vegan food and hence we decide to try it out. I got their vegan adobo and honestly for me, it’s a 7/10. It wasn’t as flavourful as I thought it would be but it wasn’t bad. I love the fried saba that they added. The sweetness of the banana definitely brings a balance to the oiliness (as adobo should be) of the dish.

Price Range: PHP 150 – PHP 300

They serve sweet tea and other healthy and vegan alternatives as well.

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Vegan Adobo.

5. Kermit Siargao – Kermit Siargao

We actually planned on eating here way before we even set foot in Siargao. Almost all of the blogs are raving about their pizza and their pasta and yes, THE HYPE IS REAL. Though it is quite pricey, they’re serving size give it justice. I didn’t really have a picture because we were starving when we went there and all we wanted was to eat but I did do an instastory about it.

Price Range: PHP 150 – 500

They also serve Filipino dishes with rice. My friend ordered their vegetable curry with rice and the flavours were on point. They serve drinks and desserts as well.

On a side note: the first time I was here in 2017, I actually ate breakfast at Kermit’s. Fresh from the airport, we decided to drop by while waiting for our other friends to arrive (there were 17 of us in this trip). My two friends’ had eggs Benedict while I got a muesli bowl. We were definitely off to a good start.

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Eggs Benedict (above), Muesli Bowl + Coffee (below)

6. Reefcut Bar – Reefcut Bar

It’s located almost at the back of a souvenir shop, Langyaw. You would see a tarpaulin pointing to the café. I personally wanted to come here because they have veggie and vegan burgers! So I dragged the entire crew and thankfully they also serve pork and beef burgers, as well. I honestly got the veggie burger because they serve it with cheese (as with the vegan one, they don’t). The patty is made of the heart of the banana, I think. It was pretty tasty and I would definitely repurchase when I come back to Siargao.

Price Range: PHP 100 – 250 

Plus, you can customise your burger. You can add more cheese, bacon and whatnot for a price. They also serve chicken sisig (quite spicy but really really tasty) and bulalo for only PHP 99!

7. Cafe Loka – Cafe Loka

I feel like everyone who has been to Siargao knows where Cafe Loka is. It is located near the boardwalk along the beach. I remember back in 2017, after an hour of surfing, we decided to have breakfast here and you all know how much I love breakfast.

Price Range: PHP 200-400

We ordered our own plates and hence that is why I have three pictures for this particular resto. My friends were patient enough to let me take a picture despite their rumbling stomachs. I feel like everyone should give Cafe Loka a visit. It’s the definition of breakfast by the beach.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Cappuccino and French Toast.
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Surfer’s breakfast (egg, meat, beans) , Muesli
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



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