Doc Wings!

Yes, there’s a humble place in Tondo that offers unli chicken wings for PHP 199!

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Hey guys, I was in Manila for the weekend and amidst their samgyupsal culture, chicken wings still plummet through in the heart of Manila. Living in Cebu for five years, there a lot of local restos that offer chicken wings from Bad Boyz to Gibbs to Burrows to Wingers but in Manila City, it was actually hard to find a chicken wing place that not only was easy on the wallet but the palette as well. Doc Wings is located along a busy street in Tondo, though the place is a bit sketchy, the place boasts a cool barkada hangout visited by students and the like.

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L-R: Original, Garlic Parmesan, Garlic Mayo.

We honestly waited for an hour because the line was too long, there were a lot of people there and for PHP 199, I guess it’s a steal. We were hungry enough to order 35 pcs and for only four people, it was a lot. They have a lot of flavors too, some were good, some didn’t really tickle my taste buds but overall I think everyone should check it out. It’s a breather from your unli beef and pork strips.


With love,


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