self-love, self-exploration & self-growth.

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I wanted to post something more personal but I couldn’t find the article that I was writing yesterday.

I guess these past three months have been months of self-love, self-exploration and self-growth. I learned so much about myself and about the dilemmas that I have been dealing with repeatedly. But now I am slowly realizing all of these bad and toxic traits plus the toxic people who were in my life and I am working on being a better version of myself.

Peeking through is still the girl who loved everyone too much she forgot to love herself though now she’s trying to understand that she doesn’t need validation from others to know her worth.

I am looking forward to better months ahead. I know 2019 will be filled with a lot of opportunities to grow more and be more especially when I enter another chapter of schooling this August.

I am indeed overwhelmed be everything that has happened so far and I regret nothing that has happened in the past because I believe that those bitter(and not so bitter) circumstances are what brought me here today.

WIth love,
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