#TweetChat #HealthxPH


On August 16 & 17, we had our very first tweetchat with Dr. Helen V. Madamba. On the 16th, we talked about our mission, vision and goals and whether or not it aligned with Cebu Doctors’ University’s M/V/G as well with the hashtag #CDUCM. On the 17th, we talked about how research is important and its impact in our life today. It was in line with the weekly #healthxph hosted by different doctors in Cebu & in Manila.
I honestly was one of the frontliners of the first tweetchat. We were at school that day and we were off to watch the talent show for Mr. and Ms. Med. We were basically multitasking and tweeting out our vision mission and our goals. For now, I want to be a pediatric oncologist because I have always had a thing with treating kids (I am a licensed Physical Therapist) and my family has the cancer gene. On the other hand, research was talked about on the 17th and I think it is important because it allows us to be effective doctors especially if we do evidence based practice. There are a lot of hearsays that sometimes confuse both healthcare professionals and the masses and research helps set the record straight.
Twitter is not foreign to me. The first time I joined twitter was way back in 2012 when I was still a third year high school student in the province. Now, 7 years later, it’s become a medium not only for rants and word salad but a medium to communicate with health professionals and convey facts and opinions about things that boggles our mind in the field in medicine. It is a medium to meet new friends and interact with people who are distance apart.
I learned to voice out my opinions and my thoughts without being hasty nor shy about it. Sometimes, when we talk to doctors or other professionals who play a great role in our society, we tend to not speak up for the fear of voicing out a blunder. But with the tweetchat, people were open and it was a safe ground for each and every one who participated. I am looking forward to the next tweetchat. I am loving the interaction with my fellow future doctors and my idol doctors.
Overall, it was one of those experiences that test your ability as an effective communicator and I will gladly join in again on the next tweetchat

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