Statistics |with Miss Madelo-Lim



For a couple of weeks now, we have been talking all about research and alongside research, we would also be tackling on the topic statistics. According to Merriam-Webster,  Statistics is a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data. It could also be a collection of quantitative data.


Back in my undergraduate years, I was exposed to Spearman and Pearson’s coefficient when we did our thesis entitled “Cross-Sectional Study of the Level of Physical Activity and Demographic Factors Among College Students of Cebu Doctors’ University”. We then grouped the statistic that we gathered into low, moderate and high physical activity.  We used median as our measure of central tendency because our results were quite odd from each other.


Being in Miss Madelo-Lim’s class yesterday brought back memories from undergrad other than the fact that she was the statistician for our research. I made sure I listened to her lecture, writing down specific notes here and there, because I didn’t want to be dumbfounded when I start filling up the details of our research study now in Med school. Although she taught us how to compute for our sample size, our current research involves having to interview ALL  52 households of the Ati Commuity in Naga City, Cebu.


Our action now is to finish filling up FORM 4a so that we will be able to know when we will have our research proposal. I guess reading more about statistics is vital because it could be used in future research as well.


Overall, the lecture was a great reminder of how one should never stop learning. Even if I already did a study in my pre-med, I still learned new things and the ways on how to interpret our study in the months to come.

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