Get To Know Me!

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8 Facts About Me
  1. Hi, my name is Bea. But you can call me, Bey.
  2. I am 20 years old. (proud ’97 kid)
  3. Born and raised in the Philippines.
  4. I am a Physical Therapy intern from Cebu Doctors’ University.
  5. I write prose, poetry and basically just anything random.
  6. I cook and bake recipes. I make vegan smoothie bowls too!
  7. Loves crazy adventures and anything spontaneous.

But also… here’s a random poem I wrote 3 years ago.

Disclaimer: I am not sure if 100% of these facts still apply but until I don’t have the energy to write a new poem about myself, here it is in free verse.

More poetry at CLICK HERE!

I don’t believe in ‘I love you’
I hate red velvet cake
I think relationships are overrated
I hate the taste of rum
I don’t like birkenstocks
I love soft pizza crusts
These are the things that you should know
All these silly little facts

I used to hate writing poetry
Just because it had to rhyme
I was never a fan of dimples
Until this one guy that I liked had them
I am a really complicated person
Like a puzzle lost in space

I’ve never had a boyfriend
But I have tons of guy bestfriends
I have Jarvis, Kurt, Darrel, Sylvan, Micha, Neal
And just lately another Kurt
I grew up with five guys
And they are all overprotective
So when you break my heart
You’ll meet them all at your doorstep

I love Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter
The movies, not the books
I am a frustrated bookworm
I traded fiction with facts on muscles and bones
I love books about death and suicide
It makes me realize about the importance of life
I hate happy endings
Because in reality, they never come true

I am not that of a bitter person
I am actually really sweet
I’ll kiss and hug you all the time
I’ll write you a cliche letter or a shitty poem
You’d find hidden notes on your backpack
Or fresh baked goodies made by me
Your mom and I would enjoy cooking
Spaghetti, Fried Chicken, just name it

I’d be there when you call
I’ll be up all night with you
We’d watch the stars and the moonlight
And just lay in the grass like kids
I’d cheer you on if on all of your games if you had one
Have a perfect attendance if I can
I’ll bring you food or chocolates or candy
Just to uplift your current mood

But despite every bit of goodness
I’m not going to be perfect
You will love me but I will not feel the same
Just because I don’t believe in such a thing
I will like you until I can’t anymore
But I can never love you right away
This is me being honest and truthful
I’m different than all the other girls

I don’t want to get hurt
Nor do I want my heart to get broken
I hate being too attached
Because eventually you will find someone else
You will leave and we’ll be apart
And I don’t want my world to crumble without you
My feelings are too fragile
And my heart is just as breakable.

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