BYOB (1 of 1)
(Bring Your Own Bottle)
Did you know?
According to the Earthly, Humans buy about 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute in total.
Imagine having 1 million plastic bottles polluting our lands every day, 7 million every week, 31 million every month and 365 every year. These plastic bottles live on the Earth for 400 years before they decompose. YES, FOUR HUNDRED YEARS and if your mentality is, “aaah it’s fine I’m probably dead by then” then do you want your great great great great great grandchildren to live in a world full of rotting plastics and acrid pollution? If the answer is No and you are indeed a compassionate person, then it’s always a great idea to bring a reusable water bottle to every one of your trips.
It honestly saves you money and you help preserve the environment. Most restaurants and coffee shops will actually refill your water for FREE so you don’t have to buy a plastic water bottle every single time you feel thirsty.
Invest in a sturdy insulated water bottle such as this one. This has a hook so I can latch them on top of my backpack and five months in, this bottle’s still here to stay (I lost my old one, I left it on the plane lol)
Saves money, saves Mother Earth, keeps you hydrated!
With love,
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Here’s a reminder that wherever you may go, may it be a trekking adventure or a quick trip to the beach, always always always bring a reusable bottle with you so you don’t have to buy single-use bottled water from the store.

I got this one from Robinsons Department Store and it wasn’t as expensive too. There are brands that sell a 1L reusable bottle for over 2-3k and that is just whack (which I also will not buy because it’s too expensive). But this one is only for 1500php and it has the same specifications as the other ones (it keeps water cold for 24hrs and hot for 12hrs). I guess you could say this was a lucky find. So go get yourself a reusable water bottle today!

Hey it’s a win-win, you save money plus you save Mother Earth.