#TweetChat #HealthxPH


On August 16 & 17, we had our very first tweetchat with Dr. Helen V. Madamba. On the 16th, we talked about our mission, vision and goals and whether or not it aligned with Cebu Doctors’ University’s M/V/G as well with the hashtag #CDUCM. On the 17th, we talked about how research is important and its impact in our life today. It was in line with the weekly #healthxph hosted by different doctors in Cebu & in Manila.
I honestly was one of the frontliners of the first tweetchat. We were at school that day and we were off to watch the talent show for Mr. and Ms. Med. We were basically multitasking and tweeting out our vision mission and our goals. For now, I want to be a pediatric oncologist because I have always had a thing with treating kids (I am a licensed Physical Therapist) and my family has the cancer gene. On the other hand, research was talked about on the 17th and I think it is important because it allows us to be effective doctors especially if we do evidence based practice. There are a lot of hearsays that sometimes confuse both healthcare professionals and the masses and research helps set the record straight.
Twitter is not foreign to me. The first time I joined twitter was way back in 2012 when I was still a third year high school student in the province. Now, 7 years later, it’s become a medium not only for rants and word salad but a medium to communicate with health professionals and convey facts and opinions about things that boggles our mind in the field in medicine. It is a medium to meet new friends and interact with people who are distance apart.
I learned to voice out my opinions and my thoughts without being hasty nor shy about it. Sometimes, when we talk to doctors or other professionals who play a great role in our society, we tend to not speak up for the fear of voicing out a blunder. But with the tweetchat, people were open and it was a safe ground for each and every one who participated. I am looking forward to the next tweetchat. I am loving the interaction with my fellow future doctors and my idol doctors.
Overall, it was one of those experiences that test your ability as an effective communicator and I will gladly join in again on the next tweetchat

From PT to MD.

gloup (1 of 1)

Out of 200 first year MED students, there are only five of us (to my knowledge) who studied Physical Therapy for their pre-med. After FIVE excruciating years and a board exam deemed to be the third hardest in the Philippines, here we are, facing yet another FIVE years of sleepless nights & burnouts.

Why do we even do this to ourselves? We could have been great Physical Therapists in various fields— sports, pediatric, geriatric among others, breaking the “masahista” stereotype and proving to everyone we are so much more than that. But I guess we follow what the heart wants and the fulfillment of being a doctor someday, diagnosing, treating and saving lives, are what inspires us to study more and BE MORE.

I could have chosen an “easier” pre-med but I don’t regret taking up Physical Therapy. I would not trade the knowledge that I have learned, the experiences I have gathered and the memories I have cherished just to get ahead in life.

Cheers to my first two days in Med school! Guess I have nothing to do for the weekend because we haven’t discussed anything yet.

With love,

Oreos, Palm oil, Deforestation.

I have a secret to share.


Hey guys. I’ve been baking these days and if you guys don’t recognize the picture, yes, I have been baking for Stellar Hotel. I have been handling their social media as well but that part is not that interesting (lol).

As I posted this on instagram, I found out that Oreo (Cadbury, among others) is a product that supports unsustainable palm oil and hence is the reason for deforestation in certain countries. It’s probably not a big thing for you, but for a semi-environment-conscious person like me, it is an issue. Because of deforestation, orangutans have been robbed of their homes and are crying helplessly under the hands of these big companies like Unilever and the like. Go check out these links if you are curious,



I am saddened because I like Oreos (who doesn’t) and I like baking with them but I am starting to not support it because every time you buy a pack it’s like killing Mother Earth, as well. I am not writing this post as to force people to not buy the products that support unsustainable palm oil but this is to raise awareness of where our food comes from and its impact to our environment.

I don’t want to go and be THAT person because I believe that if people want to save the environment or if people want to make a change, it should be your personal willingness to do so. But hey, spread love, no hate, raise awareness.


I have Social Anxiety.

Last night, my social anxiety got the best of me. I was getting a headache, I was having a hard time breathing and my head was just whirring with thoughts and emotions. I didn’t know why. I don’t know the exact reason why I was feeling this way. I was overthinking again, a pool of what ifs just came into my brain and knocked me out of my insanity. I lost it.

The first thing I did? I deactivated facebook and messenger and deleted all of my apps, wanting to shut out from the world. I was so afraid of being judged, of being rejected, I needed to breathe. I wanted to be invisible.

At 8pm, I went up my bedroom and lay down on my bed, hugging a pillow for support, texting my friend if he was busy. I called him up and he was on his way to work as the tears began to spill down my eyes and I couldn’t fight the pain that I was feeling. It was a mix of everything that has been happening, of everything that has been said and done. I was hurt, I was ashamed, I was embarrassed, I felt lonely and alone. I wanted to shout but I couldn’t let it out. I cried until my body and my mind surrendered and I fell asleep.

I woke up still having that cloud over me. My head hurts, I slept for 12 hours straight but I still felt so tired. Tired of walking this life? Tired of thinking? or just, tired? I need help.


I’m back.

Siargao 2018

Hey guys!

I am officially back to my first love, writing. I was in a hiatus for so long because I have been busy with my review for my board exams that I didn’t really have the time to write nor to update you guys about my whereabouts. A lot of things happened, a lot of places were already visited and here I am again, sitting down, waiting on my cup of tea to seep and writing this one for you all.

  1. I PASSED THE BOARD EXAM. I finally have those four letters (PTRP) at the end of my name. It was quite an experience since I went through a lot, heartbreaks and whatnot. But no fear, I am licensed and I have given justice to my five years of schooling at Cebu Doctors’ University.
  2. I AM ON A GAP YEAR. Yes, I have decided that I will not be proceeding to medschool this year. I really wanted some time for myself and for my hobbies. I feel like I was trapped in PT school for so long that all of my creative juices have dried up. I want to write again and I want to travel. It was rather an argument with my family but in the end, they knew they couldn’t force me to proceed right away.
  3. I HAVE BEEN EXPLORING. Kinda-ish. My tan is definitely not the best since I really have uneven lines here and there (because I don’t really wear bikinis). Idk how I’m going to try and fix my tan. I really am not that confident to strut in a two-piece just yet. I need to work out more. Lol
  4. I HAVE BEEN VLOGGING. I’m actually giving it a shot and I hope that I don’t get lazy to edit in the future. So far, it’s been good. I think people are liking it. We’ll see what happens!

Probably sums up everything that has been happening so far. If you want to check out my vlogs, I am on Youtube and for more updates about me and whatever it is that I have been up to, go and check out my Facebook page here.





Life update.

I can’t even remember the last time that I posted something in here. But I am alive and kicking, I can tell you that. I have just been so busy with review that I never really had the time to update my blog. So here is a quick update about my whereabouts and whatnot:


  1. I finally graduated! Your girl just earned her degree in Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Hence, I am currently reviewing for the August board exams at Gold Rank Review Centre here in Cebu. There’s been a wave of exams but it isn’t all bad. The lecturers are good at their job and I applaud how well they discuss each topic without having a guide in hand.
  2. I didn’t really have a summer break nor did I travel to anywhere interesting. I did, however, go home for a few days to chill. Disclaimer: All I really did was drink and sleep late but I have no regrets on that.
  3. I did transfer to a new apartment! I bid our two-bedroom apartment (I used to share it with my brother) goodbye along with all of the great memories. I’m honestly gonna miss inviting people over to drink.
  4. I’m gonna be on HIATUS. Yes, I can’t juggle writing articles/blog posts and studying for the boards. My top priority right now is to get that four letter word (PTRP) at the end of my name and I want to achieve that with flying colours! So wish me luck guys and hopefully in August, I’ll be a licensed Physical Therapist.
  5. I guess there isn’t that much to update about my life. Should “I met a guy” be an update too? Hahaha but yeah, your girl is just happy right now. The best is yet to come! And I will be writing again once shit is over and I am free to roam the streets of London soon!

With love always,


Part Two

I wish I wasn’t afraid to die

“I’m not afraid of death.
I blurted out
And I watched as his eyes widened
“I mean, I feel like I can die tomorrow
And be fine with it
He still didn’t say anything
I tried easing him into it
Talked to him about the thoughts
That have been barging in
No, i don’t want to die
But i’m not afraid to die
I made a lot of mistakes
I went through slopes and hills
I fell, I conquered– those bullshit
I loved and got heartbroken
But that’s life isn’t it?
It’s not like I was really giving up
But I think I’ve just had enough
Of the happiness and the laughter
And the dramas here and there
He shook his head
Trying to relax the muscles on his jaw
Clearly thinking I could be crazy
Thinking this girl across from him needed a shrink and not her junior
But he gave his thoughts, his mottos
And words he’d lived by and whatnot
He was religious, you can feel his faith
But I’m too stubborn, too indecisive
It wasn’t gonna be an argument
He didn’t even looked the part
So I went on and on
My mouth never ever shutting
But that pencil case caught the corner of my eye and broke the ice like a nutcracker
And I… paused

Skincare routine!


I know I don’t have the most perfect skin in the world but I have been there! I have been the victim of millions of pimples colonising my face. Okay, maybe not millions but pimples really do sprout here and there and everywhere especially when I was a third year college student fighting for my life for a degree in Physical Therapy.  My face had its ups and downs but that didn’t stop me from looking for products that would really change my skincare game. I have learned that less is more. As you can see I don’t do a Korean Skincare routine or whatever. I realised you just don’t overdo things because it’s only going to make it worse. Trust me! I learned that the hard way.

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I don’t have to feel sorry.

I’m always going to be too much for people.

Too much to handle, too much to care for, too much to long for

I have baggage, I am heavy, I have all of these fucked up thoughts in my head

I have this sense of bipolar-ness in me that no one could understand

I can love you in a second and hate you by the time the minute is up

I can scribble your name over and over again

wishing for things to finally go as planned but I still find myself being scared

and I scurry and I run because that is what I am good at

I am good at leaving even when I didn’t really stay

I am good at pretending that I can be okay when I know I can’t

when I know I will fight the urge to feel sad yet long for it anyway

I am too much for people

I am too much for myself

I always want to impress those who couldn’t

I always want to be part of the crowd when I can’t

I’m too much, all at the same time

But maybe I don’t have to say sorry

Maybe I don’t have to feel bad or guilty or sad

maybe it’s okay to be like this because I always give my 110 percent

when others can’t even give atleast 1

Maybe it’s okay to chase after infinite things

it’s okay to fight and not fight for someone or something

Maybe it’s okay to be me

Because if people really love and care for you

They’d know you’re not too much

You’re just… okay

International Day of Happiness!

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May 2016. Rome, Italy. Copyright.

I am always writing about sappy and sad emotions and whatnot. But since today is International Day of Happiness, I decided why not write about the things that make me happy. Note: I wrote this down while I was visiting this hospital that I intern at last May-June while waiting for one of my closest staff. This list is not everything of course.

Just Some Of The Little Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Tagging/mentioning me in posts on Facebook and Instagram.
2. Finally getting a great photo after multiple shots.
3. No more duty! (yaaaas finally!)
4. When my crush views my instatory.
5. Sundates. *wink wink
6. Saturday drinking nights with people that I love to be with.
7. When he texts first. *appreciated*
8. Watching Youtube videos.
9. Talking to my loved ones from different parts of the world.
10. Drinking at least 3 cups of tea per day! (not less than please)
11. Writing good poetry.
12. Publishing a blog post.
13. Finding the right pair of socks!
14. Pinning my nameplate on top of the embroidered CDU PT-INTERN on my scrubs.
15. Having time for myself; to think, to write, to be me.