Lost Boys of Samar.

Just a few days after my trip to Siargao, before my tan even roamed my hometown, I was up on my feet again for another adventure. But this time, I was exploring my province with some of the most chill and adventurous people.

I didn’t really expect to have fun as much as I did. When my friend invited me to join them I was rather hesitant because I only knew two people from the group, my friend included. But I was YOLO-ing since I passed my board exams last August and I quipped at myself, “why not”. And I am glad I decided to join.

I felt like there was an instant connection with everyone, exchanging names and aspirations here and there. We bonded over our love for nature — the sea, the trees, the sky. We all had one thing in common, our wanderlust, and we all couldn’t wait to see and explore the beauty of Eastern Samar.

I am local. I have lived here for half of my life, was taught the language Waray and spoke it with confidence but I have never really ventured much along the coast of Eastern Samar. I was sent to Cebu for college and I would come home during the breaks but I was going to the same places over and over again that I didn’t really think that there were so many more spots to visit outside of Borongan City.

This time around, we didn’t even set foot in the capital city. We went to the smaller municipalities, all boasting with the most picturesque views. Balangkayan, Llorente, Hernani, we all roamed through those three municipalities, basking in the sun, getting tanner every day. And with these people being the guides you never thought you’d have, it was the one of the most enjoyable road trips ever.



What and where I ate in Siargao.

I spent seven incredible days in Siargao just this month of September and as a foodie, I know I can never leave Siargao without going to restos/cafés and munching down on whatever it is that the establishment has to offer.

Heads up, if you are going to Siargao, the price of the food is quite pricey. A lot of places offer food that starts at around PHP 200 to as much as PHP 500-PHP 1000 depending on what you are ordering. My tip is to book a hostel/homestay with a kitchen so in that way you can cook your own meals and not spend PHP 200 every time you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner and just decide on which days you want to splurge and eat out. In our case, out of the seven days, we probably splurged on one meal per day and the rest of the meals we had at the homestay where we were staying at.

Note: Some of the things I’m gonna list below, I don’t have a flatly to show just because we went there at night and the lighting is not that great so I might just insert their link or their Instagram.

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I should stop loving broken people too much.

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Salcedo, Eastern Samar, Philippines.

I thought when I learned how to choose, he’d choose me back. But things just don’t go as expected. Hollow– I tried to push the thought away. I didn’t want to be unhappy. There were so many wonderful things going on in my life at that time and just when I thought he’d be the year-ender plot twist, he wasn’t. Maybe I didn’t think all of this through or maybe I had known it all along and I just wanted to hear him say that he couldn’t be with me.

For months we have bonded over 30 minute dinner outs to overnight tagay sessions and I didn’t notice that this go-with-flow easy-to-be-with person would have a sappy depressed side that I would cling to. I thought we understood each other on a certain level but I guess it was all in my head. Because there I was, asking you if you would date me and you said “No”. I accepted it right then and there but you quipped, “That was a made up answer because you are being weird right now.” I wasn’t being weird. YOU were being weird. I have confessed the certain liking that I was developing and there you were telling me that I was fooling around. I don’t fool around like you do and you knew that. But I know you’re a coward and you’re too broken from the past to commit.

And I guess that was one of the things why I liked you.