We have been product testing!

I have been experimenting with different kinds of fillings for our baked empanadas. These right here are Tuna Empanadas (Original Recipe by my Auntie Mabel). The crust is buttery, crispy and everything that you would ever want from a pie crust. I honestly think it tastes like a Danish cookie. Making the dough does take a lot of effort (arm exercise, included) but it’s so worth it!

empanadas (1 of 3)

empanadas (2 of 3)

I didn’t take a picture of the mini apple pies that I also made but those were also drool-worthy. Better than the ones at McDonald’s for sure.

Anyway, get these Tuna Empanadas at Cafe Stellar!
PS. We only make 25 pcs a day so if you want to order a big batch, please let us know.

With love,
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Oreos, Palm oil, Deforestation.

I have a secret to share.


Hey guys. I’ve been baking these days and if you guys don’t recognize the picture, yes, I have been baking for Stellar Hotel. I have been handling their social media as well but that part is not that interesting (lol).

As I posted this on instagram, I found out that Oreo (Cadbury, among others) is a product that supports unsustainable palm oil and hence is the reason for deforestation in certain countries. It’s probably not a big thing for you, but for a semi-environment-conscious person like me, it is an issue. Because of deforestation, orangutans have been robbed of their homes and are crying helplessly under the hands of these big companies like Unilever and the like. Go check out these links if you are curious,



I am saddened because I like Oreos (who doesn’t) and I like baking with them but I am starting to not support it because every time you buy a pack it’s like killing Mother Earth, as well. I am not writing this post as to force people to not buy the products that support unsustainable palm oil but this is to raise awareness of where our food comes from and its impact to our environment.

I don’t want to go and be THAT person because I believe that if people want to save the environment or if people want to make a change, it should be your personal willingness to do so. But hey, spread love, no hate, raise awareness.