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I have been experimenting with different kinds of fillings for our baked empanadas. These right here are Tuna Empanadas (Original Recipe by my Auntie Mabel). The crust is buttery, crispy and everything that you would ever want from a pie crust. I honestly think it tastes like a Danish cookie. Making the dough does take a lot of effort (arm exercise, included) but it’s so worth it!

empanadas (1 of 3)

empanadas (2 of 3)

I didn’t take a picture of the mini apple pies that I also made but those were also drool-worthy. Better than the ones at McDonald’s for sure.

Anyway, get these Tuna Empanadas at Cafe Stellar!
PS. We only make 25 pcs a day so if you want to order a big batch, please let us know.

With love,
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My dad is in the city! We were supposed to have dinner at this new korean eat-all-you-can in Ayala Center Cebu called Kpub but my pharma class ended at like 6:30 and there were no taxis available because of the heavy rains plus rush hour hence, I had t ride a jeepney to SM and SM to Ayala which took me about an hour.

When I arrived, my dad and my brother had already finished eating and I just decided to get a smoothie bowl from prolly one of the best places to dine on healthy goodness; Mooshi Green Bar! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a fresh smoothie/juice store that makes the yummiest smoothies and juices (I have tried Tonic befor but nothing beats this one). I was supposed to get a smoothie but I wanted something with a protein boost and they recommended the smoothie bowl instead. It was sooo good. The cacao nibs were a bit too bitter but I loved it anyway. Definitely a 9/10.
I guess I just really wanted to do a quick update. I have a new instagram account btw in case you guys didn’t catch that one. I do not have pictures on it yet so I am really sorry but I think I’m going to post one tonight (if I don’t get too lazy).

I’m supposed to be studying for my Electro Stimulation class because I have an exam tomorrow on Biofeedback and HPVC but here I am and I am writing this because why the hell not.

With love, beyscapades.