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When I look at this picture, I can’t help but ask “Really? That fast?”


After I passed the board exam in August, I went on this journey of self-love. I wanted to have fun, explore the outdoors and go on countless adventures. What prompt me to go on this journey was not only for my wanderlust but also for my staggering mental health at that time. I was… not myself, I guess. I didn’t even know the exact reasons as to why I felt like 2018 was such a heavy load that all I ever did was cry and be disappointed. That despite graduating and passing the boards, I still felt empty.  I didn’t know, maybe I was just tired of everything and I wanted to breathe.


To tell you the truth, I wasn’t forced to study Physical Therapy, it was my freewill, but after five years I just had a lot of what ifs, mostly about my other hobbies; hobbies which I pursued for the past couple of months. I love the arts as much as I loved to wallow in medical books (not even sarcastic). Poetry was definitely my niche at that time since they were short, concise but powerful in ways that could portray so many emotions in just one stanza. The more I got stuck in the paramedical life, the more I longed to do other things aside from it; photography, filmography, blogging and baking. So I asked if I could take a break before I proceed to another life-long commitment.  Fortunately, my mom let me but of course It took a lot of rationalizing and reasoning out.


Medicine may be four years but it doesn’t stop there. After Med, there’s a post-graduate internship before you can even take the boards. After that you can either be a general practitioner or have your residency, in which most people do. And that, is another 4-6 years of your life. See?


Since I was a little, my path has been planned out. All my life I was surrounded by a bunch of doctors/people from the medical field. To be a doctor was the ultimate goal for my family (Lolas would remind you even). It honestly is still my dream but I guess before I dove into it, I just needed space to be creative. I wanted to keep myself sane and ready for the next chapter of my life and that is why I am here.


Two months left before this girl is back to studying her ass off for her dream.

How about you guys? How’s your dream?


With love,







Espresso Martini for brunch.

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I knew I was not getting into just a coffee binge when I visited my friend Nico’s coffee shop in Ormoc City. I was quite hungover from the night before since I went out drinking with my friends and I was running on just 3 hours of sleep when I went aboard Ocean Jet for my three hour trip. As the boat docked and I got down, my stomach started rumbling, time check: it was 10am and I need to eat asap. It was quite hard to find a tricycle that knew where Unit 1A was, and I tried my best to explain the directions as instructed by my friend.
The café had glass walls and an eco-friendly feel to it. I went inside and settled in the corner facing the road. I ordered Nico’s recommendations, Kimchi Fried Rice and wait for it… Espresso Martini. I honestly was reading it when I just realized that Martini meant it had alcohol as an ingredient. But I guess, I’m really the adventurous type, because even if I could still feel the Jim Bean that I drank the night before gurgling in my stomach, I ordered it… with a shot of Patron (Tequila). Wow, I know. That’s one hell of an alcoholic beverage.
As soon as that espresso martini arrived at my table, I could smell the strong aroma of alcohol. Should I still drink it? I asked myself trying to weigh the pros and cons. But I paid 190 pesos for my coffee, I should definitely take a sip, at least. As soon as the liquid went down my throat I could feel my brain buzz, phew! You know what it tastes like? ALCOHOL! With a bit of coffee. Think of Bailey’s but with a lot more kick to it. Imagine drinking this one for brunch and venturing on a six-hour van ride home to Eastern Samar.
As the fried rice was served, I hoped that it would managed my current digestive system situation. And thank goodness, that Kimchi Fried Rice was divine which one should definitely try at Unit1A. It was a mass of orange-ish colored rice, some veggies and pork cutlets topped with a sunny side up all wrapped in savory and salty goodness. It was a perfect brunch on a bright mid morning in Ormoc City. As I chowed down and thought of the ways that I could further gulp that half-finished espresso martini smiling at me at the side of my main course, I could actually feel the alcohol settle in and let the coffee take over. My mood suddenly changed from this day-drinking lady who probably didn’t have anything else going on with her life to this person who is ready to conquer the world and whatnot. It was much like an encounter with Jager and Redbull but this time around I could remember everything.
After I finished eating, I made sure I savored my first time at Unit1A… like staying for their fast internet connection (haha). But the cool and minimalistic vibe that Nico had on his café was definitely hangout worthy.
So go check out Unit 1A when you happen to be in Ormoc City! Plus, I just tried their COLD BREW and it was the best one, so far!
PS. Unit1A’s Espresso Martini is vodka-based but the owner (Nico) gave me a shot of Patron instead lol
PPS. Nico’s cold brew is also available at Quality Bread Bakeshop and Cafen at Primark Tacloban! So if you don’t want to travel 2 hours to Ormoc, Primark has it for you and its just as good!
Check out Unit 1A’s page here
Unit 1a Bakery and Café
Instagram @unit1a
With love,
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Appreciation Post 04/12



My heart beams for the people who message me how much I have influenced them, through writing, vlogging or incorporating small ecofriendly habits to their routine. It warms my heart to know that I am not alone and that someone reads/watches the content that I have been putting out here on my blog and on my YouTube channel; that the time and effort that invest on it is somehow worth it.

I started this page two years ago for my poetries and my food recipes. Now, 6 months since reviving this page it has became a haven more than just for poetry and food but for travel and lifestyle as well. I don’t even post recipes here anymore though I think soon I would want to make smoothie bowls again if time permits. But I am overwhelmed by the (almost) 600 lovely and beautiful people that follow this blog. And even to the minute 68 subscribers on YouTube is more than enough for me to continue this passion that I have been pursuing for this so-called “gap year” that I am having.

Please know that I appreciate each and every one of you and I am excited to create more and more content for Crazy lazy travels, baby! In the months to come!


With love,
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BYOB (1 of 1)
(Bring Your Own Bottle)
Did you know?
According to the Earthly, Humans buy about 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute in total.
Imagine having 1 million plastic bottles polluting our lands every day, 7 million every week, 31 million every month and 365 every year. These plastic bottles live on the Earth for 400 years before they decompose. YES, FOUR HUNDRED YEARS and if your mentality is, “aaah it’s fine I’m probably dead by then” then do you want your great great great great great grandchildren to live in a world full of rotting plastics and acrid pollution? If the answer is No and you are indeed a compassionate person, then it’s always a great idea to bring a reusable water bottle to every one of your trips.
It honestly saves you money and you help preserve the environment. Most restaurants and coffee shops will actually refill your water for FREE so you don’t have to buy a plastic water bottle every single time you feel thirsty.
Invest in a sturdy insulated water bottle such as this one. This has a hook so I can latch them on top of my backpack and five months in, this bottle’s still here to stay (I lost my old one, I left it on the plane lol)
Saves money, saves Mother Earth, keeps you hydrated!
With love,
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I know when the sun sets

You’ll tell me you love me

When no one’s looking and what’s left is

Our bodies etched between what ifs and regrets

I know when you stare

Those eyes will haunt me till I sleep

When your touch has left marks everywhere

Like secrets we never can keep

I know when you smile

It’ll be too late for me to step back

It’s a whirlwind, it’s a blackhole

Itching past the blinds before they turn black

I know when the morning comes

We wouldn’t even speak

Who am I and who are you

We’re two people unlikely to meet

I know when you leave

I’d feel numb to my core

You were bad, you were good

And here we are wanting more

Pink & blues.

Doesn’t my friend look good?

I have been experimenting with Adobe Lightroom for quite a while now and no, not the mobile version. I have been using my Sony a6000 for my photos and videos. I bought it in 2017, when I traded my gopro Hero 4 for something more… mirrorless. I figured that the waterproof camera wasn’t meant for me and I bought this hybrid of a camera instead (it’s a crossover between a digital camera and a DSLR). I was gearing towards the a5100 at the time since it was cheaper but with a lack of a viewfinder, my heart beat towards the a6000 plus there were so many good reviews (watched a lot of YouTube comparisons) and recommendations (Thanks Kuya Leonel and Dylan).

I’m not the best at portraits. I never liked taking them but I guess we all go out of our comfort zones and try to explore something new once in a while. This was at Gateway in Cubao. We have just hopped off our Grab when I said, “Pose ka muna. Saglit lang” and my friend, Niel, did. We were both just laughing while he was trying his best to strike an angle that befit his personality when two of other friends quipped we had to go somewhere else. Despite it being brief, I think I managed to get a decent shot out of it.

I am a cool-tone kinda girl and I like editing in blues and pinks rather than the usual teal and orange that everybody has been putting out lately. Though I have no hate towards the masses because I know that everyone has their own unique taste, I just like the Brandon Woelfel vibes better and it kinda suits my personality as well.

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With love,

What and where I ate in Siargao.

I spent seven incredible days in Siargao just this month of September and as a foodie, I know I can never leave Siargao without going to restos/cafés and munching down on whatever it is that the establishment has to offer.

Heads up, if you are going to Siargao, the price of the food is quite pricey. A lot of places offer food that starts at around PHP 200 to as much as PHP 500-PHP 1000 depending on what you are ordering. My tip is to book a hostel/homestay with a kitchen so in that way you can cook your own meals and not spend PHP 200 every time you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner and just decide on which days you want to splurge and eat out. In our case, out of the seven days, we probably splurged on one meal per day and the rest of the meals we had at the homestay where we were staying at.

Note: Some of the things I’m gonna list below, I don’t have a flatly to show just because we went there at night and the lighting is not that great so I might just insert their link or their Instagram.

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Yesterday, my former classmate and I went to visit our teacher in elementary school. And to those curious, I went to EVIMS (Eastern Visayas International Montessori School) from Grade 4 to Grade 6.

It’s been a while since we all sat down and talked. Teacher Ronilo has been teaching for 11 years and here we were, surprising him just days after his birthday. We bought him cake and went in the highscool he was teaching at, clueless as to whether or not he was there to entertain us. He wasn’t even our adviser, but when I was younger, I considered him as a great mentor nevertheless plus he was our after-class tutor.

He taught us social science, if I remember it correctly and he would always scold me for being so loud and talkative. I never ran out of things to say so I guess he was quite amused when I didn’t talk much yesterday. “Dati, sa gate palang, naririnig ko na boses mo” he quipped and we all laughed because it was true. But I guess it comes with maturity, when you stop being too loud for everybody’s sake. I honestly still feel like I talk a lot but not as loud as I used to be… though still

We spent a couple of hours exchanging banters and whatnot and it was a solid good day. Ten years ago, we were just little kids in EVIMS running around in our socks and here we are today, all grown up, exactly the same age as him when he handled our class in Grade 6, experiencing life and its heartbreaks among all others. Who would have thought that we would grow up too fast? I certainly didn’t.

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I miss you my grade 6 crew.

With love,

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The truth about my board exam review.

I am not trying to brag about my brain cells or whatnot here but this is really what went down during my four month review for the 2018 August Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Licensure Exam. 

Credits to Goldrank Manila.

Review started the day after GRADUATION! Yes, our graduation was on a Sunday and since I was enrolled at Goldrank Cebu, we had to check ourselves in the next morning. I asked the review coordinator if we could be absent for that day since nine of us (only nine of us from Cebu Doctors’ University were enrolled at Goldrank) wanted a bit of a break before we could focus our minds on notes and readings again and luckily, they gave us a day pass (Thank you Miss Nancy! GOLDRANK CEBU HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Review was quite an experience, well, it was for me. I had a LOT of distractions. Out of all of the months that I would meet a guy, I would meet him during the START of my review– May 5 to be exact (Review started on April 23). And giiiiiiirl, I allowed myself to be distracted for the first two months and if it wasn’t hard enough, we were in a long distance relationship (He was in my hometown, I was in Cebu). He wasn’t a bad influence as much as I was a bad influence to myself. He was actually supportive and he was rooting for me all the way and I really tried my best to make it work BUT my anxieties crept in eventually and I was overthinking too much and everything became too much to handle and I just cracked during the first week of JULY (one month till the boards) and he/I–we– decided to break it off. I  was heartbroken, for a bit. A lot of crying and breakdowns were involved. So imagine juggling a lot of things while flipping through Giles and Sisig. I was also active on all of my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and I didn’t delete a single app on my phone. I would also be absent and skip some exams and lectures when I didn’t feel like it. I went home almost every month for at least three days to keep my sanity in check but on those days I would go out with this guy I was dating and I would drink with friends and we would all stay up so late like it was the summer of our lives. Oh, and I even got sick for a week, I had the chills and I was on antibiotics. It was madness.

After two months of slacking off and getting “dumped” in July, I  decided to focus all of my energy on trying to catch up on all of my missed lectures and exams.  I made all of the crying and the breakdowns as a motivation to work harder and to “strive for greatness”. I used to like studying alone but because I needed to distract myself from the voices inside my head I went on a lot of group study dates (Shoutout to Pol, Kate, JP, Ate Love). I did a lot of meditation too and I listened to a LOT of Worship songs and it all helped me. My favourite is definitely “Oceans” by Hillsong United, if you have not listened to it, go and open Spotify and listen to it right now. It will literally calm your soul and your mind!

I was honestly having second thoughts if I should still push through with my boards or proceed to Med school in August since the schedules do overlap each other. But I am so happy that I took the board exam because I got my license!!!!! I have some friends who immediately enrolled in med school and they passed the board exam, as well, but I decided to take the year off because I feel like I needed to breathe after everything that I have been through for the four months that I have spent reviewing. Giiiiirl, tingnan mo naman! So yes, that was the full tea.

In conclusion, I guess we all have to take it at our own pace. I was studying 200-400 questions in a day (that is not a lot) while some of my peers were reading 800-1000 questions, or even an entire review book. I made sure I had atleast 7 hours of sleep and I was still going out to dinner with friends and family. I tried my very best to not feel the pressure because when I get pressured, I WILL BREAKDOWN.

So to everyone who is going to take the boards, I wish you all the best! Don’t forget to pray pray pray.  Trust in the Lord and all of His plans. Don’t have a negative mindset. Eventually things will fall into place. Claim that four letter initial right now, PTRP! OTRP!

I can’t wait to see all of my friends’ and past co-interns’ names on the PRC website!

God bless my future colleagues.

With love,

Beyscapades PTRP

Oreos, Palm oil, Deforestation.

I have a secret to share.


Hey guys. I’ve been baking these days and if you guys don’t recognize the picture, yes, I have been baking for Stellar Hotel. I have been handling their social media as well but that part is not that interesting (lol).

As I posted this on instagram, I found out that Oreo (Cadbury, among others) is a product that supports unsustainable palm oil and hence is the reason for deforestation in certain countries. It’s probably not a big thing for you, but for a semi-environment-conscious person like me, it is an issue. Because of deforestation, orangutans have been robbed of their homes and are crying helplessly under the hands of these big companies like Unilever and the like. Go check out these links if you are curious,…/sobering-footage-shows-orang……/we-are-not-against-palm-oil…

I am saddened because I like Oreos (who doesn’t) and I like baking with them but I am starting to not support it because every time you buy a pack it’s like killing Mother Earth, as well. I am not writing this post as to force people to not buy the products that support unsustainable palm oil but this is to raise awareness of where our food comes from and its impact to our environment.

I don’t want to go and be THAT person because I believe that if people want to save the environment or if people want to make a change, it should be your personal willingness to do so. But hey, spread love, no hate, raise awareness.