Espresso Martini for brunch.

kimchi (2 of 1)
I knew I was not getting into just a coffee binge when I visited my friend Nico’s coffee shop in Ormoc City. I was quite hungover from the night before since I went out drinking with my friends and I was running on just 3 hours of sleep when I went aboard Ocean Jet for my three hour trip. As the boat docked and I got down, my stomach started rumbling, time check: it was 10am and I need to eat asap. It was quite hard to find a tricycle that knew where Unit 1A was, and I tried my best to explain the directions as instructed by my friend.
The café had glass walls and an eco-friendly feel to it. I went inside and settled in the corner facing the road. I ordered Nico’s recommendations, Kimchi Fried Rice and wait for it… Espresso Martini. I honestly was reading it when I just realized that Martini meant it had alcohol as an ingredient. But I guess, I’m really the adventurous type, because even if I could still feel the Jim Bean that I drank the night before gurgling in my stomach, I ordered it… with a shot of Patron (Tequila). Wow, I know. That’s one hell of an alcoholic beverage.
As soon as that espresso martini arrived at my table, I could smell the strong aroma of alcohol. Should I still drink it? I asked myself trying to weigh the pros and cons. But I paid 190 pesos for my coffee, I should definitely take a sip, at least. As soon as the liquid went down my throat I could feel my brain buzz, phew! You know what it tastes like? ALCOHOL! With a bit of coffee. Think of Bailey’s but with a lot more kick to it. Imagine drinking this one for brunch and venturing on a six-hour van ride home to Eastern Samar.
As the fried rice was served, I hoped that it would managed my current digestive system situation. And thank goodness, that Kimchi Fried Rice was divine which one should definitely try at Unit1A. It was a mass of orange-ish colored rice, some veggies and pork cutlets topped with a sunny side up all wrapped in savory and salty goodness. It was a perfect brunch on a bright mid morning in Ormoc City. As I chowed down and thought of the ways that I could further gulp that half-finished espresso martini smiling at me at the side of my main course, I could actually feel the alcohol settle in and let the coffee take over. My mood suddenly changed from this day-drinking lady who probably didn’t have anything else going on with her life to this person who is ready to conquer the world and whatnot. It was much like an encounter with Jager and Redbull but this time around I could remember everything.
After I finished eating, I made sure I savored my first time at Unit1A… like staying for their fast internet connection (haha). But the cool and minimalistic vibe that Nico had on his café was definitely hangout worthy.
So go check out Unit 1A when you happen to be in Ormoc City! Plus, I just tried their COLD BREW and it was the best one, so far!
PS. Unit1A’s Espresso Martini is vodka-based but the owner (Nico) gave me a shot of Patron instead lol
PPS. Nico’s cold brew is also available at Quality Bread Bakeshop and Cafen at Primark Tacloban! So if you don’t want to travel 2 hours to Ormoc, Primark has it for you and its just as good!
Check out Unit 1A’s page here
Unit 1a Bakery and Café
Instagram @unit1a
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Appreciation Post 04/12



My heart beams for the people who message me how much I have influenced them, through writing, vlogging or incorporating small ecofriendly habits to their routine. It warms my heart to know that I am not alone and that someone reads/watches the content that I have been putting out here on my blog and on my YouTube channel; that the time and effort that invest on it is somehow worth it.

I started this page two years ago for my poetries and my food recipes. Now, 6 months since reviving this page it has became a haven more than just for poetry and food but for travel and lifestyle as well. I don’t even post recipes here anymore though I think soon I would want to make smoothie bowls again if time permits. But I am overwhelmed by the (almost) 600 lovely and beautiful people that follow this blog. And even to the minute 68 subscribers on YouTube is more than enough for me to continue this passion that I have been pursuing for this so-called “gap year” that I am having.

Please know that I appreciate each and every one of you and I am excited to create more and more content for Crazy lazy travels, baby! In the months to come!


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Lost Boys of Samar.

Just a few days after my trip to Siargao, before my tan even roamed my hometown, I was up on my feet again for another adventure. But this time, I was exploring my province with some of the most chill and adventurous people.

I didn’t really expect to have fun as much as I did. When my friend invited me to join them I was rather hesitant because I only knew two people from the group, my friend included. But I was YOLO-ing since I passed my board exams last August and I quipped at myself, “why not”. And I am glad I decided to join.

I felt like there was an instant connection with everyone, exchanging names and aspirations here and there. We bonded over our love for nature — the sea, the trees, the sky. We all had one thing in common, our wanderlust, and we all couldn’t wait to see and explore the beauty of Eastern Samar.

I am local. I have lived here for half of my life, was taught the language Waray and spoke it with confidence but I have never really ventured much along the coast of Eastern Samar. I was sent to Cebu for college and I would come home during the breaks but I was going to the same places over and over again that I didn’t really think that there were so many more spots to visit outside of Borongan City.

This time around, we didn’t even set foot in the capital city. We went to the smaller municipalities, all boasting with the most picturesque views. Balangkayan, Llorente, Hernani, we all roamed through those three municipalities, basking in the sun, getting tanner every day. And with these people being the guides you never thought you’d have, it was the one of the most enjoyable road trips ever.



Creating content.

I like working with and being surrounded by content creators.

Hey guys, I have been busy being here and there and everywhere and I am so excited for the videos and the blog posts that will be coming out soon as soon as I finish editing them. I am so grateful to be creating content and I will surely miss it when I go on a hiatus on August.

alren (1 of 1)

A few days ago, my friend Janel (@janeylalala, @shuttersmileback) and I went to Hilangagan Beach here in Borongan City, Eastern Samar and I invited my friend Alren (@alrenberonio) to come and film with us.

jb (2 of 1).jpg

Go watch our Hilangagan video up on YouTube

Check out Alren Beronio Photography & Films for video and photo services.

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Pink & blues.

Doesn’t my friend look good?

I have been experimenting with Adobe Lightroom for quite a while now and no, not the mobile version. I have been using my Sony a6000 for my photos and videos. I bought it in 2017, when I traded my gopro Hero 4 for something more… mirrorless. I figured that the waterproof camera wasn’t meant for me and I bought this hybrid of a camera instead (it’s a crossover between a digital camera and a DSLR). I was gearing towards the a5100 at the time since it was cheaper but with a lack of a viewfinder, my heart beat towards the a6000 plus there were so many good reviews (watched a lot of YouTube comparisons) and recommendations (Thanks Kuya Leonel and Dylan).

I’m not the best at portraits. I never liked taking them but I guess we all go out of our comfort zones and try to explore something new once in a while. This was at Gateway in Cubao. We have just hopped off our Grab when I said, “Pose ka muna. Saglit lang” and my friend, Niel, did. We were both just laughing while he was trying his best to strike an angle that befit his personality when two of other friends quipped we had to go somewhere else. Despite it being brief, I think I managed to get a decent shot out of it.

I am a cool-tone kinda girl and I like editing in blues and pinks rather than the usual teal and orange that everybody has been putting out lately. Though I have no hate towards the masses because I know that everyone has their own unique taste, I just like the Brandon Woelfel vibes better and it kinda suits my personality as well.

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What and where I ate in Siargao.

I spent seven incredible days in Siargao just this month of September and as a foodie, I know I can never leave Siargao without going to restos/cafés and munching down on whatever it is that the establishment has to offer.

Heads up, if you are going to Siargao, the price of the food is quite pricey. A lot of places offer food that starts at around PHP 200 to as much as PHP 500-PHP 1000 depending on what you are ordering. My tip is to book a hostel/homestay with a kitchen so in that way you can cook your own meals and not spend PHP 200 every time you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner and just decide on which days you want to splurge and eat out. In our case, out of the seven days, we probably splurged on one meal per day and the rest of the meals we had at the homestay where we were staying at.

Note: Some of the things I’m gonna list below, I don’t have a flatly to show just because we went there at night and the lighting is not that great so I might just insert their link or their Instagram.

Continue reading “What and where I ate in Siargao.”

New Instagram + Update

I guess I just really needed a clean slate and what better way to do it than making a new instagram account. Well, basically, it’s not a new account. This was my account when I used to sell my old books for a good cause (I gave half the profit to charity). So yeah, it was such a hard task unfollowing and following everyone back again just so that I could filter out the audiences that I wanted for this one.

Basically, this account is for my travels + foodblogs + PreMed hype. What makes it different from other blogs? Well, the medical content that will be incorporated along with all of my wandering and my foodtripping. It’s a bunch of random things from the three that I hope will come together as an organized masterpiece. 

I hope you guys support me and follow this account and I hope to be blogging and instagramming a thousand more words and a thousand more pictures to share with all of you guys. 

With love, 

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Mont St. Michel, France

Processed with Rookie Cam

Why this castle is basically HOGWARTS.

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to actually get a hogwarts letter and find out that you’re not actually a muggle but instead a fckn cool ass wizard who’ll eventually fall in love with a red head and have the one who killed Voldemort as your bestfriend? Yes! Hermione reference, in case you didn’t get that. As we ventured into this amazing sight just two hours from Paris, I couldn’t help but squeal in my head because it looks so much like the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I actually felt like it was my first day of magic school! </p>

So, here are nine tips to guide you through this one of a kind castle in France:
1. Bus to Mont St. Michael. We docked at Cherbroug, France via MS KONINGSDAM. We travelled approximately three hours together with the rest of the Holland America Line guests (which were mostly old people btw). This was the only tour that we booked on board and this was priced at $165 per person. It is quite expensive but I think the experience plus the bus plus the tourguide was worth the money.

2. Shuttle to the castle. Our bus dropped us off not directly at Mont St. Michel but what seemed like a kilometer away. A long bridge sits between the mainland and the castle itselft. There’s a shuttle service that will transport guests to and from that is free of charge. Although, the entrance ticket costs 17 Euros so I guess it comes with the fee.

3. Stroll to the gates. Apparently, they still don’t drop you off at the entrance gate so people are advised to walk. It’s a short distance plus you get to have a full picture of the site from top to bottom.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Just one of the big arches inside the castle.

4. Brick by boring brick. Walking Tour! Yes, the only means of transportation inside is to walk with your two feet. Ramps and stairs are present but in different entrances. Since we were a big group and the main entrance (with the stairs) was quite busy with tourists, our guide opted for the ramps instead.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Bricks piled upon each other dating more than a hundred years ago.

5. Red and Yellow. The tapestries were in this color! Ring a bell? Definitely screams Gryffindor! Aaand have you seen the coat of arms? It’s basically a replica!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
The castles coat of arms at the main entrance. 

6. Diagon Alley. If it were a bit dimmer, this street would look so much like the one in Harry Potter. I would want to buy a Nimbus 2000 on one of the gift shops please.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
The main road to the castle bustling with tourists.

7. Dining Hall inside the castle. If it were a bit bigger and could fit four houses, then it would have been the perfect fit for Harry Potter. Sometimes I wonder if maybe J.K. rowling visited this castle and was like… “This should be my inspiration for Hogwarts”

8. Crepes. When in France, one must never leave without having a serving of crepes. At the “Diagon Alley” (Yes, I’m calling it that), we bought pasalubong at one of the stalls and stopped by a creperie. There are a lot of creperies in Mont St. Michel so no need to fuss. I had a basic Caramel Crepe that was light and fluffy and had the right sweetness to it. Delish!

9. Buy a Snow Globe. I bought a snowglobe that had the castle perched on the middle. I also bought a bunch of postcards for myself and for my friends. The castle is just so picturesque that my mom also bought a painting so that she could hang it in her office.

10. GOT theme song on repeat. I know I said it’s basically like HOGWARTS but you must admit it’s kinda like King’s Landing too from the brick walls to the high towers. I bet even saw Tyrion Lannister. Lol. The whole time we were roaming around, the infamous themesong kept on playing in my head. Hogwarts plus Game of Thrones? Probably going to be a blockbuster!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Kalanggaman Island, Palompon



Kalanggaman Island
Palompon Leyte, PH

As expected, a lot of people have been asking me questions about this beautiful island nestled in Leyte and instead of repeating myself over and over again, I have decided to just post the answers to your queries here. (Well, I already planned to write about my trip beforehand but nevertheless, here it is) For more questions, you can always ask me here on tumblr or on Facebook or call the Palompon Leyte EcoTourism Office.

Where is Kalanggaman Island located?

It is located at Palompon Leyte in the Philippines. It’s a one hour boat ride from the city proper. The island does not have free-flowing electricity (It’s SOLAR-powered, very eco friendly) and by that I mean that their electricity is solely for their little store in the middle of the island and the lights on bulbs at night. I recommend you guys bring a flashlight (which we forgot to bring), a battery pack, a powerbank or any source of portable electricity that don’t need charging like potable speakers etc.

How to get to PALOMPON?

I personally know only limited routes so please bear with me. But first if you’re coming from my hometown BORONGAN, here is the route that we took.


We had a car so we started our drive at around 2am and we arrived in Tacloban at around 6am because we still made stops here and there and there was quite an early morning traffic. We then drove the route to Ormoc and at this intersection you turn at this intersection that says PALOMPON in a green signage. It’s 34 kilometers more. *sighs*

You have an option to take the Matag-ob route or the Villaba route.

Take VILLABA if you guys are running on 80-100 kph (yes, it’s a free road there’s barely any car you encounter), it’s a faster route because the road is straight. This is the road that we took on our way back.

If you’re not that fast of a driver and wants a shorter route, take MATAG-OB. It has a speed limit of 20kph though because it has a lot twists and turns. But despite that, the locals say that it’s the “shortcut” to Palompon.


Go on a one-hour (MNL) or 30-min (CEBU) plane ride to Tacloban City. There are vans for hire and taxis outside so if can shell out a few hundreds, you can take one of these although I don’t recommend it because sometimes they overcharge you.

I, personally, when I’m traveling alone, I take the airport jeep which only costs me 50 pesos to Downtown Tacloban (which is where you want to be anyway). Tell the manong driver that you want to be dropped off at a bus/van terminal that offers rides to Palompon. I don’t know if they had already updated their trips since Palompon had been getting a lot of visitors.

I read from TripAdvisor that the big van companies like Duptours and VanVan don’t offer rides to Palompon. I quote, “Palompon, Leyte bus and vans from Tacloban leave from the new bus terminal (Abucay) which is on the way to San Juanico Bridge.”

Note: Tacloban is a three hour ride to Palompon. If you guys are in a group, like 10-15, I recommend you all just rent a van and call it a day.


You have a lot of options when you are coming from Cebu. You lucky Cebuanos, this island is accessible for you.

We rode the ferry to Ormoc at 10pm aboard Roble Shipping Lines. We decided to stay in the Economy class which only cost us 400Php. It’s a six hour boat ride but no biggie, you sleep it out.

There are other options like Oceanjet, 2Go which are fastcrafts that costs you 600-800Php which is expensive but takes you there half the time. You can go check their schedules online.

Furthermore, there’s a route straight to Palompon Leyte. Yeyyyyy! But, here’s the catch, the port terminals are at Camotes Island and Bogo. So yepp, it’s quite far from the bustling city. They do offer trips straight from Cebu City to Palompon but only on specific days.

How to get to KALANGGAMAN?

Very important note is you have to call the EcoTourism Office like pronto. You do not want to go there on a walk-in and have them tell you that they’re already “Fully-Booked”. Make sure you call a few days before and not the day before just to be extra sure that it’s not fully booked.

I called on a Thursday and was supposed to reserve a boat for Sunday and the guy on the phone told me that they were already fully booked on that day three weeks ago. *cringe* Good thing, there were still slots for Tuesday and we took that one instead. You couldn’t even get a slot on Wednesday and for the rest of the Holy Week because they were already fully booked. See the urgency of booking yet?! Yeeeees.

Palompon EcoTourism Office
(0917) 303 7269

They charge your per boat and not per head so you need to rent out a pumpboat. Group of 4? I feel you! Three thousand is a lot to divide by just four people. Luckily, you have an option to share with other groups depending on when you plan to return and all that. You have to talk to them personally about it. We ended up sharing with a Father-Mother-Son Trio which were really nice people and we ended up paying half the price. Weee!

Their pumpboat rates are as follow:

P3,000 – for 15 people and below
P3,500 – for 25 people and below
P4,000 – for 30 people and below

You also have to pay an entrance fee depending on which category you fit into. Me and my friends (Non-Palompon College Tourists) paid 60Php each because we decided to stay overnight.

Here are the rates:

Regular Rate (Day Tour)

International Tourists – P500
Non-Palompon Tourists – P150
Non-Palompon College Tourists – P40
Non-Palompon High-school Tourists – P30
Non-Palompon Elementary Pupil – P20
Non-Palomponganon Senior Citizen – P120


Overnight Rates

International Tourists – P750
Non-Palompon Tourists – P225
Non-Palompon College Tourists – P60
Non-Palompon High-school Tourists – P45
Non-Palompon Elementary Pupil – P30
Non-Palomponganon Senior Citizen – P180



After that, you’re all set you just have to bring a water jug, a flashlight and everything that you need to bring on a camping trip like a tent. Bring your heart and your soul and your beachbody with you because this is one hot and sizzlin’ island (no pun intended).

If you need more sources to plan your next Beachventure, I recommend you click on this link

This blog post was really useful when I was planning our Kalanggaman Trip myself. Give the site some love and go visit it as well.

What are you waiting for? Go get packing!