Goodbye Block 3! #Medicine

Appreciation post!

And just like that, we’re getting closer to the end of the year and with that, the end of the first semester!

I just wanted to post this one here because I truly appreciate each and every single “night-outs” I had for the past four months (I still honestly drank a little too much). But, who says Med students are too busy to drink and party? We’re done with yet again another block (Goodbye Block 3!). It was a great 6 weeks and I honestly loved Block 3 and tomorrow it’ll be the first case synthesis for Block 4 which is the official start of our second sem!

Yes! I know. We’re starting Block 4 right off the bat and I don’t personally understand it as well but you know, there are a lot of things that we don’t understand in Med school and starting Block 4 right away is one of those things. Haha.

I can’t wait for our most-awaited Christmas Break/Sem break! My brain’s honestly on vacation mode already but I still have an exam on the 9th and my brain’s got to hustle one last time.

2019 is indeed such a great year so far and I wish and hope that December will not disappoint. There’s going to be a lot of things that will be happening this month so I am pretty excited. Can’t wait for everything to go down!

Should I do vlogmas?!

With love,


Happy International Women’s Day!

I spent five days with my grandmothers in Manila last November and the experience will definitely test your patience in every aspect possible.
Lola Greg (L); Lola Elen (R)
I was raised by my grandmothers for half of my life. My parents were busy being doctors and making sure that they could provide for me and my brother so most of the time, I would cling to one of my Lolas- Maping. She died last year due to the complications of stroke (she was 91). When she died, I still had two amazing women both which success has surpassed them. One, an elementary teacher and the other, a superintendent. My bond with them was not as strong as my bond with Maping, but these two still hold a warm place in my heart.

They were complete opposites in terms of personalities and hobbies, one would love to cook and fill up the room with the best aromas and the other would love to garden and fill the yards with the most vibrant flowers. One was stern, quick, a definition of a strong and independent woman and the other was fragile, meek, the depiction of a Maria Clara.

Having both of them in my arms while walking around the streets of Manila (divisoria included), you can’t stop but wonder what will our own life be like when we reach the age of 80, 70, 60 even. These strong and independent women have lived their lives, have gone through so much, have seen their friends and family come and go and despite their age of 86 and 89, they’re still trying to live day by day with the best of their enthusiasm.

These women are just two of the women who I look up to. And as timely as it is, Happy International Women’s Day to all of the amazing women who has helped shaped the individuals that we are today.

With love,
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What and where I ate in Siargao.

I spent seven incredible days in Siargao just this month of September and as a foodie, I know I can never leave Siargao without going to restos/cafés and munching down on whatever it is that the establishment has to offer.

Heads up, if you are going to Siargao, the price of the food is quite pricey. A lot of places offer food that starts at around PHP 200 to as much as PHP 500-PHP 1000 depending on what you are ordering. My tip is to book a hostel/homestay with a kitchen so in that way you can cook your own meals and not spend PHP 200 every time you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner and just decide on which days you want to splurge and eat out. In our case, out of the seven days, we probably splurged on one meal per day and the rest of the meals we had at the homestay where we were staying at.

Note: Some of the things I’m gonna list below, I don’t have a flatly to show just because we went there at night and the lighting is not that great so I might just insert their link or their Instagram.

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Yesterday, my former classmate and I went to visit our teacher in elementary school. And to those curious, I went to EVIMS (Eastern Visayas International Montessori School) from Grade 4 to Grade 6.

It’s been a while since we all sat down and talked. Teacher Ronilo has been teaching for 11 years and here we were, surprising him just days after his birthday. We bought him cake and went in the highscool he was teaching at, clueless as to whether or not he was there to entertain us. He wasn’t even our adviser, but when I was younger, I considered him as a great mentor nevertheless plus he was our after-class tutor.

He taught us social science, if I remember it correctly and he would always scold me for being so loud and talkative. I never ran out of things to say so I guess he was quite amused when I didn’t talk much yesterday. “Dati, sa gate palang, naririnig ko na boses mo” he quipped and we all laughed because it was true. But I guess it comes with maturity, when you stop being too loud for everybody’s sake. I honestly still feel like I talk a lot but not as loud as I used to be… though still

We spent a couple of hours exchanging banters and whatnot and it was a solid good day. Ten years ago, we were just little kids in EVIMS running around in our socks and here we are today, all grown up, exactly the same age as him when he handled our class in Grade 6, experiencing life and its heartbreaks among all others. Who would have thought that we would grow up too fast? I certainly didn’t.

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I miss you my grade 6 crew.

With love,

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Do people even like poetry?

I was never good at it and never dwelled on it up until I was in college.

My cousin died of cancer at the age of 20. He was a second year nursing student back then, and he used to write beautiful poetry. He wrote about his classes, his experiences, even his sickness. He wrote about leukemia and how it managed to consume his body as time passed on.

I went to the same school he was in, and i didn’t really expect that poetry would become my medium after writing prose in elementary and high school. But I guess, it stuck because it was something that reminded me of him. It was something that I could say we had in common. It was… Kuya’s thing.

I’ve written almost 50 poems in the past five years, about love, lost, longing, school and whatnot. I don’t really let a lot of people read it because some are too personal. But isn’t it what writing is all about? Conveying an emotion, telling a story, exposing your roots?

📸 MarkE

Part Two

I wish I wasn’t afraid to die

“I’m not afraid of death.
I blurted out
And I watched as his eyes widened
“I mean, I feel like I can die tomorrow
And be fine with it
He still didn’t say anything
I tried easing him into it
Talked to him about the thoughts
That have been barging in
No, i don’t want to die
But i’m not afraid to die
I made a lot of mistakes
I went through slopes and hills
I fell, I conquered– those bullshit
I loved and got heartbroken
But that’s life isn’t it?
It’s not like I was really giving up
But I think I’ve just had enough
Of the happiness and the laughter
And the dramas here and there
He shook his head
Trying to relax the muscles on his jaw
Clearly thinking I could be crazy
Thinking this girl across from him needed a shrink and not her junior
But he gave his thoughts, his mottos
And words he’d lived by and whatnot
He was religious, you can feel his faith
But I’m too stubborn, too indecisive
It wasn’t gonna be an argument
He didn’t even looked the part
So I went on and on
My mouth never ever shutting
But that pencil case caught the corner of my eye and broke the ice like a nutcracker
And I… paused

Walls unbroken.

He’s lucky, you know
I chase after him even if I don’t chase people any longer
When I stopped fighting for those who wouldn’t fight for me
When I told myself I’d never ever go for the uncertainty again
Yet here I am, I’m allowing myself to break those principles
Wanting to keep him here
Between two thin lines of our friendship
Both of us pretending we don’t know what I feel about him
And I guess this has to end
It has to end somehow
I have to distance myself from all of this
Before I start crashing again
I have to stop longing for his presence
And the comfort he brings
I have to let him go before it breaks my heart to do so



I am not proceeding to med school right away.


I think I have written a post about this before but I can’t seem to find it. Or, I deleted it for some reason. But yes, here it is again, the topic is out in the open and I have a lot of reasons as to why I am not proceeding to med school right away.

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